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Thread: CTI Cryo-Torr CT-500

Created on: 04/02/17 11:46 AM

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CTI Cryo-Torr CT-500
04/02/17 11:46 AM

CTI Cryo-Torr CT-500 High Vacuum Pump, 28 inch O.D. ASA ANSI Inlet, 20 bolt

The unit was removed from a working system , no dents or missing parts, I have no way to fully test the pump and would recommend that it be rebuilt.
I’ve hooked it up to our compressor and the drive unit is turning..
if interested please make us an offer.

TTL Automation
Designers & Manufacturers of Fully Automated E-Beam Evaporation Systems for Thin Film Deposition. Vacuum Chambers, Planetaries & Bell Jars and Thermal Evaporators. Specializing in Machine Automation and Process Controls for Evaporation, Sputtering and Metalizing Systems.

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