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Thread: How sputter rare earth metals

Created on: 10/01/11 08:32 AM

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How sputter rare earth metals
10/01/11 8:32 AM

What is method for sputter rare earth metals?

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RE: How sputter rare earth metals
10/02/11 3:52 PM

The rare earth material should sputter like any other element. BUT some of the rare earths, such as cerium, are very oxygen active so they will form thick oxide coatings which means pre-conditioning (pre-sputtering, sputter cleaning) of the target may be a problem. A bigger problem may be the cost of a rare earth target, rare earth materials can be very expensive. Both of these problems may be alleviated by a dual process where say cerium is EVAPORATED onto a plate which is the sputtering target. The material is then SPUTTERED off the target. A Note: One time I was e-beam evaporating cerium and the lump (charge) of cerium just got hotter and hotter until a crack formed in the surface and molten cerium ran into the pocket - the CeO surface layer had formed a high temperature coating ("skull") that contained the molten cerium until the crack formed. Don
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