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Thread: Supply Coating Materials

Created on: 12/19/08 12:00 AM

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Supply Coating Materials
12/19/08 12:24 AM

As a general trading company the metal industry, we have been working on coating materials used in sputtering, evaporation and ion beam deposition with stable supply, and sputtering targets are our typical products, including metals, alloys, borides, oxides, carbides, silicides, fluorides etc.

Our products are manufactured in various purity levels from 99% to 99.9999% and available in all popular geometries including circular, planar, ring, rectangular, conical and custom designed. Our general products are listed as below:

Single Elements
Ag Al B Bi Cr Cu Co Dy
Hf In La Mg Mn Mo Nb Ni
Sn Si Ta Ti V W Zn Zr
Ag-Al Ag-Cu Al-Cu Al-Si Al-Si-Cu Al-Mo Ce-Gd Ce-Sm
Co-V Cr-Cu Cr-B Cr-V Dy-Fe Gd-Fe-Co In-Sb In-Sn
Mg-Al Mg-Zr Ni-Ti Ni-V-Zr Sm- Co W-Ti Zr-Ti Zr-Y
Borides, Oxides, Fluorides, Carbides, Silicides etc.
Al2O3 CeO2 Er2O3 Gd2O3 ITO IZO LiNbO3 MgF2
Nb2O5 NdF3 SiO SiO2 SiC Sm2O3 TiO2 Ta2O5
Y2O3 Yb2O3 YF3 YbF3 YBCO ZrO2 ZnO ZnSe
CrB2 AlF3 NiSi InS3 TiB2 V3Si WC ZrN
Note: For other kinds of materials, please contact us.

Meanwhile, we have best resources on crucibles and evaporatoin materials, including Aluminium, Antimony, Barium, Cobalt, Copper, Indium, Magneisum, Molybdenum, Nickel, Platinum, Rhenium, Tantalum, Titanium, Tungsten, Zinc and others. Most of them can be supplied in granual, pellet, piece, foil or wire form.

Kindly please let me know if you have any new demands on above items. We are willing to give you our best quotation upon receipt of your specific requirements.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours faithfully,

Xianrong Zeng (Mr.)
Non-ferrous Department
Private Email: Zengxianron@aol.com

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