Student and Young Member Programs

SVC Student Sponsorship Program

Full-Time Students Are Eligible

The SVC Student Sponsorship Program provides travel support and complimentary conference registration to selected full-time students to make an oral technical presentation at the SVC Annual Technical Conference. A limited number of sponsorships will be awarded to the best applicants. Applicants from academic, research, and technical institutions from the United States and around the world are encouraged to apply. The Student Sponsorship Committee evaluates applications from students and makes selections based on the quality and relevance of the student's project to the interests and mission of the SVC. It will also consider the quality of the application itself (completeness, quality, etc.), potential quality of the oral presentation, its relevance to the specific session, as well as the need for funding.

Requirements for Participation:

The student applicant must have a sponsor. The sponsor can be a faculty member at the student's institution or another academic, technical, or research institution. The sponsor must indicate that he or she understands the nature of the conference and what SVC technical programs are about. The student must commit to providing a manuscript based on the content of the oral presentation at the TechCon for subsequent publication by the SVC before any financial support is provided.

During the selection process, preference will be given to those applicants who have not already received sponsorship from SVC. The successful candidates should also preferably come from different institutions.

SVC Student Sponsorship Program Abstract and Application Deadline: October 7, 2022

The following items must be provided to qualify as a completed application packet:
Electronic Abstract Submission:

  • Submit a 200-word abstract via the electronic abstract submission page on the 2023 SVC TechCon Conference portal. Applications for the 2023 TechCon will be considered starting July 15, 2022.

  • Confirmation of a commitment to prepare a manuscript is included in the electronic abstract submission form.

Note! SVC offers two different manuscript publication options for TechCon presenters:
  • Non-peer review publication in the SVC Technical Conference Proceedings

  • Peer review publication in Elsevier's Surface and Coatings Technology -- and - SVC Technical Conference Proceedings

Other Required Documentation:

  • A letter of recommendation from the sponsor that confirms the student is a full-time registered student in a university.

  • A one-page description of the student’s project.

  • A  200-word abstract submitted via the electronic abstract submission page for the 2023 TechCon.

  • A completed SVC Student Sponsorship Acknowledgement.

Please send complete application packet via e-mail to: frank.zimone@svc.org.

Sponsored Student Committee:
Chair: Hana Baránková, Uppsala University, Sweden (46/184 713 118, hana.barankova@angstrom.uu.se)
Assistant Chairs: Jolanta Klemberg-Sapieha, École Polytechnique, Canada (514/340-5747, jsapieha@polymtl.ca) and James Hilfiker, J.A. Woollam Co. Inc., representing the SVC Foundation (402/477-7501, jhilfiker@jawoollam.com).

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