Education Guides to Vacuum Coating Processing

This publication contains 109 individual, stand-alone, two-page guides on different aspects of the equipment and technology associated with vacuum coating processing by physical vapor deposition. Titles of some of the sections include:

    * Introduction to the Basics of PVD Processing
    * Materials Science
    * Vacuum Technology
    * Plasma Technology
    * Surface Preparation
    * Vacuum Evaporation
    * Sputter Deposition
    * Arc Vapor Deposition
    * Ion Plating
    * Low-Pressure CVD and PECVD
    * Atomistic Film Growth and Resulting Film Properties
    * Surface and Film Characterization
    * Applications
    * Safety

Complete List of Titles of Individual Guides
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Sample Guide in HTML:
Atomistic Film Growth and Resulting Film Properties: Residual Film Stress

Some Education Guides are Featured in both English and Spanish

English – (PDF Format)


1. Vacuum Technology: Cryopumps, Sorption Pumps, and Cryopanels

2. Surface and Film Characterization: Film Adhesion and “Deadhesion”

3. Vacuum Technology: Mechanical Vacuum Pumps

4. Vacuum Technology: Oil Diffusion Pumps

5. Introduction: Process Flow Chart

6. Surface Preparation: Rinsing and Drying


Spanish– (PDF Format)


1. Tecnología de Vacío: Criobombas, Bombas de Absorción, Criopaneles

2. Caracterización de Película y Superficie: Adhesión y “Desprendimiento” de la Película

3. Tecnología de Vacío: Bombas Mecánicas de Vacío

4. Tecnología de Vacío: Bombas de Difusión de Aceite

5. Introducción: Diagrama de Flujo del Proceso

6. Preparación de la Superficie: Lavado y Secado















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