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Digital Edition
Beginning with 2019, the Proceedings Volumes will also be published in an open access digital edition. These editions are downloadable. Click on the items below to view the Proceedings.
2019 Proceedings Part 1
2019 Proceedings Part 2
2021 Proceedings

Print Edition
Proceedings Volumes published by the Society of Vacuum Coaters contain manuscripts of  presentations at the Annual Technical Conference. These serialized volumes provide views of specialized topics and frequently offer comprehensive overviews of rapidly developing areas. The series is registered with the Library of Congress as Series ISSN 0737-5921.  Visit the SVC On-line Store to order copies.

Digital Library

The SVC Digital Library contains the complete collection of Manuscripts published in the Society of Vacuum Coaters Annual Technical Conference Proceedings from 1991 to the present. All individual manuscript downloads are available free of charge.

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The SVC Technical Conference Proceedings on CD-ROM (2011 Edition) is an efficient way to quickly search through the evolution of vacuum coating technology in order to find the information you need.  Visit the SVC On-line Store to order.

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