Books of Interest to Vacuum Coaters


Handbook of Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) Processing, Second Edition (2010)
Donald M. Mattox
Elsevier/William Andrew
ISBN 978-0-8155-2037-5

Handbook of Deposition Technologies for Films & Coatings, Third Edition (2010)
Edited by Peter Martin
Elsevier/William Andrew
ISBN 978-0-8155-2031-3

Education Guides to Vacuum Coating Processing (2009)
Donald M. Mattox
Society of Vacuum Coaters
ISBN 978-1-878068-28-6

Coating Tribology, Volume 56, Second Edition (2009)
Kenneth Holmberg and Allan Matthews
Elsevier/William Andrew
ISBN 978-0-444-52750-9

Cathodic Arcs: From Fractal Spots to Energetic Condensation (2008)
André Anders
ISBN 978-0-387-79107-4

Practical Production of Optical Thin Films (2008)
Ronald R. Willey
Willey Optical, Consultants
ISBN 978-0-6151-8714-3

50 Years of Vacuum Coating Technology and the Growth of the Society of Vacuum Coaters (2007)
Edited by Donald M. Mattox and Vivienne Harwood Mattox
Society of Vacuum Coaters
ISBN 978-1-878068-27-9

Vacuum Deposition onto Webs, Films, and Foils (2007)
Charles A. Bishop
Elsevier/William Andrew
ISBN 978-0-8155-1535-7

Introduction To Vacuum Technology (2007)
David M. Hata
Pearson Prentice Hall
ISBN 978-0-13-045018-0

Practical Design of Optical Thin Films, Second Edition (2007)
Ronald R. Willey
Willey Optical, Consultants
ISBN 978-0-6151-7532-4

Field Guide To Optical Thin Films (2006)
Ronald R. Willey
SPIE Press
ISBN 0-8194-6218-7

Principles of Plasma Discharges and Materials Processing (2005)
Michael A. Liberman and Allan J. Lichtenberg
John Wiley & Sons
ISBN 978-0-471-72001-0

Solar Cells: Materials Manufacture and Operation (2005)
Tom Markvart and Luis Castaner
Elsevier/William Andrew
ISBN 978-0-85617-457-2

Surface Engineering: ASM Handbook, Volume 5 (2004)
ASM International
ISBN 0-87170-384-X

The Foundations of Vacuum Coating Technology (2003)
Donald M. Mattox
Elsevier/William Andrew
ISBN 978-0-8155-1495-4

A Users Guide to Vacuum Technology, Third Edition (2003)
John F. O’Hanlon
John Wiley & Sons
ISBN 978-0-4712-7052-2

Sputter Deposition: AVS Education Committee Book Series, Volume 2 (2003)
William D. Westwood
ISBN 0-7354-0105-5

Practical Handbook of Photovoltaics (2003)
Tom Markvart and Luis Castaner
Elsevier/William Andrew
ISBN 978-1-85617-390-2

Handbook of Thin Film Process Technology, Vol. 1 & 2 (2002)
Edited by David Glocker and S. Ismat Shah
Taylor & Francis Group
ISBN 0 7503 0831-X (2 vol. set)

Handbook of Thin Film Deposition: Processes and Technologies, Second Edition (2002)
Edited by Krishna Seshan
Elsevier/William Andrew
ISBN 0-8155-1442-8

Handbook of Hard Coatings (2001)
Edited by Rointan F. Bunshah
Elsevier/William Andrew
ISBN 978-0-8155-2013-3

Thin-Film Optical Filters, Third Edition (2001)
H. Angus Macleod
Taylor & Francis Group
ISBN 0-7503-0688-2

Adhesion Measurement of Films and Coatings, Volume 2 (2001)
Edited by Kash L. Mittal
Brill Academic Publishers/VSP Publishers
ISBN 90-6764-337-5

Materials Science of Thin Films, 2nd Edition (2001)
Milton Ohring
Elsevier/William Andrew
ISBN 978-0-12-524975-1

Handbook of Plasma Immersion Ion Implantation and Deposition (2000)
Edited by André Anders
John Wiley & Sons
ISBN 978-0-4712-4698-5

Large Area Glass Coating (2000)
Hans Joachim Gläser
Von Ardenne Aniagentechnik GmbH
ISBN 3-00-004953-3

Physical Vapor Deposition of Thin Films (2000)
John E. Mahan
John Wiley & Sons     
ISBN 978-0-471-33001-1

Coated Glass: Applications and Markets (1999)
Russell J. Hill and Steven J. Nadel
Applied Materials     
ISBN 0-914289-01-2

Coatings on Glass, Second Edition (1999)
Hans K. Pulker
ISBN 978-0-444-50103-7

Foundations of Vacuum Science and Technology (1998)
Edited by Jim M. Lafferty
John Wiley & Sons     
ISBN 978-0-471-17593-3

High Vacuum Technology: a Practical Guide, Second Edition (1997)
Marsbed H. Hablanian
Taylor & Francis Group     
ISBN 0-8247-9834-1



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