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SVC—Your Best Resource for Education on Vacuum Coating Technologies and Processing

A strong commitment to education is part of SVC’s charter. The SVC’s broad Education Program includes a comprehensive list of short tutorials on the fundamentals of vacuum coating and related technologies, a unique self-paced on-line tutorial, and special opportunities supporting students and the future of vacuum coating. Click or scroll to get an overview of all programs on this page, with more details to be found by using the yellow menu to the left or clicking on "read more" below.

SVC On-Location Tutorial Overview Webinar Program
Education Guides to Vacuum Coating On-Location Education Program
SVC Tutorials at the Technical Conference

Education Guides to Vacuum Coating Processing

By Donald M. Mattox ©2009 Society of Vacuum Coaters
ISBN 978-1-878068-28-6
Written by Donald M. Mattox, this indispensible publication contains individual, stand-alone, two-page guides on different aspects of the equipment, technology, and products associated with vacuum coating processing by physical vapor deposition. ... read more

Click here for a current list of the Guides. Selected guides are published in Spanish.
For individuals wishing to order the Education Guides, visit the SVC On-line Store.

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Meet the Instructors

Read short biographies for over 30 SVC Instructors. .... read more

SVC Tutorials Offered at the TechCon

A comprehensive series of tutorials and workshops have been developed by the Society of Vacuum Coaters.  The tutorials stress operator and technical staff training and include:

    * vacuum and plasma technology
    * optical coating
    * vacuum web coating
    * sputter deposition
    * arc vapor deposition
    * plasma-based vapor deposition processes
    * adhesion and surface preparation
    * cryopumping technology
    * turbomolecular pumps
    * mechanical pumps
    * diffusion pumps

New tutorials are developed as the interest arises. Click here for detailed tutorial descriptions, topical outlines, detailed syllabus, and instructor biographical sketches.

Whether you take advantage of the more than two dozen tutorials offered at the annual TechCon, or you decide to bring tutorials to your location, you can be assured of high-quality, practical tutorials taught by recognized professionals in the vacuum coating community. ... read more

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Webinar Tutorial Program

Convenient, Relevant, Interactive, and Affordable Education Opportunities
The SVC Webinar Program is being developed to be a convenient approach to education, featuring SVC's most popular tutorials, covering topics relevant to technical staff and operators.

These Webinars are presented by recognized professionals in the vacuum coating community and allow participants the ability to interact with the instructor during the live presentation of three hours.

The on-line Webinar format offers an affordable option to individuals and companies seeking to fit meaningful training into a short period of time. SVC offers both Live and On-Demand (Recorded) versions of the webinars. Discount fees are available to students and to companies wishing to register 5 or more registrants to any Webinar. ... read more

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On Location Education Program

By bringing tutorials to your company or to the meeting of another organization, the SVC On Location Education Program provides a vital opportunity for development, keeping up to date on technical knowledge, and learning practical solutions to everyday problems.

By hosting a tutorial, you can keep your staff informed about new developments and technologies and elevate their professional enthusiasm. ... read more

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