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Four-Cavity Narrow Bandpass Filter Coating with Ion-Assisted Vacuum Evaporation
Published: 2016 Technical Conference Proceedings, Optical Coatings (February 21, 2017)
  • Tolga Ergudere, Vacuum Process Technology LLC, Plymouth MA US
  • Ralph Faber, Vacuum Process Technology LLC, Plymouth MA US

Narrow bandpass filter coatings with ion-assisted evaporation is challenging considering the production requirements such as deposition uniformity, yield, in-situ optical monitoring, material stoichiometry, no vacuum-to-atmosphere spectral shift, and a fully automated, robust process. A four-cavity filter design with 3.5-nm bandwidth was coated by electron beam evaporation of SiO2 and tantalum compounds. Surface quality and film properties were enhanced by utilizing a high-power end-hall ion source. The fully automated process was directly optically monitored and controlled at near-infrared wavelength. Good deposition uniformity without any masks and great film quality with no spectral shift from vacuum to atmosphere provided the desired repeatable results that exceeded the production environment requirements.

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14332/svc16.proc.0038

Document Info: Adobe Acrobat Format, 1003 KB

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