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Film Properties of Zirconium Oxide Top Layers From Rotatable Targets
Published: 2015 Technical Conference Proceedings, Large Area Coating (October 7, 2015)
  • J. Oberste-Berghaus, Soleras Advanced Coatings, Denize BE
  • R. Van Nueffel, Soleras Advanced Coatings, Denize BE
  • K. De Jaeger, Soleras Advanced Coatings, Denize BE
  • A. Das, Soleras Advanced Coatings, Denize BE
  • W. De Bosscher, Soleras Advanced Coatings, Denize BE

Zirconium oxide thin films were deposited by dual magnetron AC sputtering from rotary cathodes, using both metallic zirconium and novel ceramic zirconium oxide targets. It was found that the ceramic targets can alleviate the severe hysteresis behavior and allows three times higher film deposition rates over the poisoned metal case. Resulting optical and mechanical ZrO2 film properties were found to be similar, with absorption coefficients below ~5•10-4 @550nm and hardness of ~10 GPa; making the oxide targets an attractive alternative over the metal counterpart for low-e glass applications. The refractive index correlates with the film hardness and elastic modulus, which, in turn, was related to the compactness of the columnar crystal structure of the films. It was inferred that film densification and compaction was influenced by the degree of O- ion bombardment during film growth. In scratch testing, the ZrO2 coatings effectively protected the underlying glass substrate by virtue of high toughness and low friction coefficient, substantially outperforming standard Si3N4 coatings.

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14332/svc15.proc.1944

Document Info: Adobe Acrobat Format, 1588 KB

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