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Improving Comfort and Energy Efficiency of Vehicle Glazing with Roll-Coated Window Films
Published: 2014 Technical Conference Proceedings, Symposium on Advanced Coatings for Transportation (October 13, 2014)
  • D. Honeycutt, Eastman Chemical Co., Palo Alto CA US
  • R. Thielsch, Eastman Chemical Co. - Southwall Europe GmbH, Grossroehrsdorf DE
  • A. Wahl, Eastman Chemical Co. - Southwall Europe GmbH, Grossroehrsdorf DE
  • R. Kleinhempel, Eastman Chemical Co. - Southwall Europe GmbH, Grossroehrsdorf DE
  • C. Stoessel, Eastman Chemical Co., Palo Alto CA US
  • L. Boman, Eastman Chemical Co., Palo Alto CA US

The recent trend towards larger glazing areas in vehicles combined with stringent fuel efficiency goals has renewed the interest in managing solar cabin heat-up through the use of spectrally selective coatings. Infrared-rejecting films can be incorporated in glazing either as laminates or as applied window films, and in addition to reducing a vehicle’s air conditioning load, can provide additional benefits such as protection from ultra-violet radiation, sound attenuation, and glare reduction. This paper presents an overview over the types and performance characteristics of web-based solar selective coatings, the application context specific to automotive uses such as regulatory, safety and reliability constraints, and latest industry trends.

DOI:  http://dx.doi.org/10.14332/svc14.proc.1880

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