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A Versatile Plasma Source for Thin Film Processing Applications
Published: 2000 Technical Conference Proceedings, Optical Coating (November 15, 2000)
  • D. Gibson, RTC Systems Ltd.
  • D. Yates, RTC Systems Ltd.
  • J. O'Driscol, RTC Systems Ltd.
  • J. Allen, Advanced Technology Costings Ltd.
This paper describes a recently developed plasma source utilizing a combination of radio-frequency energy and thermionic-field emission to generate electrons with broad energy distribution, thus enabling the efficient generation of neutralized plasma. The unique modular construction of the source, low profile design and spatially tunable plasma distribution makes it retrofitable to a wide range of coating chambers. The variable plasma geometry can be controlled independent of ion energy and current density. Specific usage of the source for assisted deposition of optical coatings is described.
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