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The SVC Digital Library contains the complete collection of Manuscripts published in the Society of Vacuum Coaters Annual Technical Conference Proceedings from 1991 to the present. SVC is working to incorporate earlier additional years.
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The SVC is proud to offer an open access policy to the comprehensive SVC digital library. The entire SVC collection of digitally stored Proceedings Manuscripts are available to all interested parties, at no charge as part of our Mission: “To promote technical excellence by providing a global forum to inform, educate, and engage the members, the technical community, and the public on all aspects of vacuum coating, surface engineering and related technologies”.

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The SVC Bulletin is widely distributed to professionals working in the vacuum coating community and related sciences and technologies. Each issue contains previews or reviews of the TechCon; SVC committee activities; original contributed technical articles; book reviews; Corporate Sponsor news and profiles; and Society news.

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