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Join us in Santa Clara... in the heart of California’s Silicon Valley for the 52nd Annual SVC Technical Conference & Exhibit

SVC 52nd Annual Technical Conference
Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara, CA
May 9-14, 2009

The following is an excerpt from the 2009 Call for Papers and Exhibit Prospectus that is available on-line now.  click here

Technological activities in the Silicon Valley have recently shifted to clean and renewable energy sciences, particularly in the solar and solar-thermal energy technologies.

The long-time steady efforts of the Society in technical, educational and networking programs at the Technical Conferences have resulted in a rapidly growing international attendance, a growing number of industrial exhibitors and a worldwide reputation for a quality Technical Program, Education Program, and Exhibit.  At the 2009 TechCon in Santa Clara, we expect both an extended participation of the hi-tech industrial vendors and a very rich technical program that will elevate this TechCon to a position as one of the top international meetings focusing on vacuum coating, surface engineering and related technologies.

Today’s coating technologies are becoming widespread in industrial productions as well as in our everyday life.  Recent developments in thin films and detailed engineering of film properties for sophisticated functional film systems are dependent on advanced coating technologies, new types of plasma sources, and new hybrid processes. Besides presentations on the up-to-date achievements in the coating technology and in new coatings, the TechCon program in Santa Clara will emphasize coating advances and applications in clean technologies.

The successful Cleantech Symposium on Energy Conversion, Storage and Related Processes from the TechCon 2008 in Chicago will continue in Santa Clara.  The Symposium includes all sectors of the coating technologies and materials fields, e.g. Conversion Materials/Smart Materials, Deposition Systems, Large Area Coating, Vacuum Web Coating, Optical Coating, and Tribological and Decorative Coating.  A specific session within the Symposium will be devoted to the Thin Film Photovoltaics.  This session is expected to be a new platform for information exchange between the fast growing world PV industry, the vacuum coating industry and the academic and research institutes.

Recent developments confirm that the atmospheric plasma has become an important tool in general coating, complementary to the vacuum coating.  Therefore, the program will also include a Joint Session on Atmospheric Plasma Technologies, co-organized by Emerging Technologies, Plasma Processing and Web Coating Technical Advisory Committees. 

The program will also include the relevant Hot Topic Session on High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering (HIPIMS). F or those coming with their important scientific and technological achievements and discoveries after the TechCon deadline, there will be an option to present their papers in our popular “Heuréka!” evening session.

The SVC TechCon program includes technical sessions on all aspects of coatings and coating applications, i.e. Vacuum Processes and Coatings for Health Care Applications, Emerging Technologies, Large Area Coating, Optical Coating, Plasma Processing, Process Modeling and Control, Tribological and Decorative Coating, and Vacuum Web Coating and our presenters can select between an oral presentation of their papers or a poster presentation in the Poster Session.

We are proud to say that the SVC TechCon Exhibit is considered to be the premier place for companies involved with vacuum coating technology to exhibit. We are going to optimize schedules for technical sessions to allow TechCon attendees to frequently visit the Industrial Exhibit and interact with the vendors. Our vendors will also have an opportunity to present their products and achievements in more details in the Vendor Innovators Showcase and Live Product Demonstrations in a special section of the Exhibit Hall.

The SVC TechCon is always a great opportunity for networking, marketing, social events, education and inspirations in vacuum coating technology.  The program will include two traditional Networking Breakfast Sessions, the “Meet the Experts” Corner, two Donald M. Mattox Tutorials, and a comprehensive series of courses in the Education Program.

We would like to invite you to attend the 52nd SVC TechCon in Santa Clara, to present your achievements, products, results and ideas and to benefit from and contribute to the overall success of this Conference and the growth of the industry.  This TechCon is an excellent forum for participants to expand business opportunities, find new contacts and inspirations and learn about new developments, applications and advancements in vacuum coating, surface engineering and related technologies. We look forward to seeing you in California in May 2009 with a specific high-tech flavor of the Silicon Valley area.

Program Chair: Ladislav Bárdos
Uppsala University, Sweden  46/18-4713034
Assistant Program Chair: Charles Bishop
C.A. Bishop Consulting Ltd, UK  44/150 950 2076
Past Program Chair: Ludvik Martinu
École Polytechnique, Canada  514/340-4099;

Technical Program  May 11-14, 2009
Exhibit  May  11-12, 2009
Education Program  May 9-14, 2009

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