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2011 Technical Conference Overview

April 16-21, 2011
Hyatt Regency Chicago on the Riverwalk

Chicago, Illinois

What's New in Vacuum Coating?
We look forward to welcoming you to the 54th Annual SVC TechCon in Chicago, IL. This year, in addition to the key traditional technical sessions, SVC has added two new Symposia, which address photovoltaic manufacturing and PVD coating advances and its future outlook.

Symposium on Manufacturing and Technology for Thin Film Photovoltaics
SVC will look at future photovoltaic markets and growth, government programs developing green renewable technology, and funding for manufacturing plants. Our Symposium will also cover the various thin film photovoltaic technologies and explore the latest manufacturing processes and equipment. Attend the Symposium Keynote Presentation, as Winfried Hoffmann, VP, European Photovoltaic Industry Association, will highlight Thin Film PV as a future major technology to supply electricity.

Symposium on Coating Advances and its Impact on the Future of the Vacuum Coating Industry
This Symposium will give our industry and scientific community guidance as to what the future may hold as vacuum coating applications change and markets grow. We will identify new markets that are poised for growth, markets seeing decline and distinguish market leaders both from a corporate and research point of view. Emerging vacuum processes and non-vacuum coating technologies will be compared with existing PVD and other vacuum-based processes. The outcome will provide direction for our industry and the Society as a whole. Our Symposium Keynote speaker Günter Bräuer, Fraunhofer Institute for Surface Engineering and Thin Films IST, will focus on the milestones and future challenges of magnetron sputtering.

A Comprehensive Technical Program
Vacuum coating technology plays a vital role in the success of several industries.  The Traditional Program Sessions feature a strong line-up of key speakers on the advances of coatings across a variety of applications, including: Optical Coating, Tribological and Decorative Coating, Clean Technology, and Processes and Coatings for Health Care Applications. In our broader process and science-oriented sessions, we illuminate developments in Plasma Processing, High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering (HIPIMS), and Emerging Technologies. Production-based sessions include Large Area Coating and Vacuum Web Coating. We continue to accept abstracts for late-breaking topics to present at the evening Heuréka! Session and our ever-growing Poster Session, providing presenters with the unique opportunity to discuss their latest work on a one-to-one basis with attendees. Due to the importance of business in the vacuum coating field, SVC is once again offering a Business Topics Session designed to give guidance to our attendees, exhibitors and entrepreneurs interested in improving the way they do business.

Network with Colleagues and Clients
There is no better way to make connections within our technology and industry than by face-to-face interaction with other professionals. SVC believes that strong networking is an important pillar of our conference. Attend any of the several Networking Events SVC is offering throughout the five-day conference, formulated to inspire conversation and interaction with colleagues and clients.

The Intersection of Technology and Business
The SVC Exhibit in Chicago has been enhanced to incorporate new business-friendly events, crafted to provide learning, networking and business opportunities for all TechCon participants throughout the entire two-day Exhibit. In addition to a global collection of manufacturers and suppliers of vacuum deposition equipment, analytical equipment and components, SVC will provide valuable networking opportunities inside the Exhibit Hall to allow more interaction between those seeking information on our technology and those who can offer solutions.  Explore the Exhibit Web Site to reserve your booth, read exhibitor profiles and plan your visit to the two-day event.

Problem-Solving Education Program
A strong commitment to education is part of SVC’s charter.  Twenty-six tutorials, taught by specialists in the topic, will be presented during the TechCon, allowing both novice and experienced vacuum coaters the ability to broaden their understanding of the applications of vacuum coating.  A full list of the Tutorials offered in 2011 is found on page 15 of the Preliminary Program

Join Our World Class Conference
SVC is quickly becoming the keystone organization for coating technology.  We hope you will attend the SVC TechCon and meet our family of professionals and manufacturers. Further details are available at www.svc.org, at svcinfo@svc.org or contact 505/856-7188.

—Carl Lampert, SVC Technical Director, 707/794-0333, cmlstar@sonic.net

Wolfgang Decker, VAST FILMS Ltd. (724/827-8827; w.decker@vastfilm.com) is the Program Chair.  Scott Walton, U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (202/767-7531; scott.walton@nrl.navy.mil) is the Assistant Program Chair.  Ladislav Bárdos, Uppsala University, Sweden (46/18-4713034; Ladislav.Bardos@angstrom.uu.se) is the Past Program Chair.



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