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FOR SALE 2015 Vacuum Coating System - Magnetron Sputtering

POSTED May 6, 2020

System Features

  • water cooled stainless steel chamber.
  • Active coating area: 36" diameter x 30" tall (5"x36" target).
  • 4x sputtering cathodes with unbalancing coils and shutters.
  • 4x Advanced Energy DC power supplies (30 kW).
  • Pulsed DC AE Solvix substrate bias.
  • Liquid (1) and gas (4) independent mass flow controls.
  • Tier 1 gauges and sensors.
  • Skid mounted [~12'(l) X~7'(w)X ~10'(h)]
  • 8x secondary plasma filaments and power supplies.
  • 2x mag lev turbo molecular pumps (2000 L/s) with gate valves.
  • Dry mechanical pump.
  • 2x chamber heaters with 24 kW max power.
  • 5 kW AC glow discharge and load match (AE PE2).
  • Fixture loading cart.
  • Allen Bradley PLC with recipe based processing.
  • Floating (bias capable) planetary substrate holders (2)

Interested parties contact:
Kent Coulter, 210-522-3196 kent.coulter@swri.org
Paul Easley, 210-522-3077 paul.easley@swri.org

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