3M Company

3M is a diversified provider of products and services for consumer, commercial, professional, and industrial markets. 3M has a strong international presence with operations in more than 60 countries. We are the world’s largest supplier of tapes, with more than 900 varieties. We also are a leader in coated abrasives, surface conditioning products, specialty chemicals, roofing granules, repositionable notes, home cleaning sponges and scouring pads, overhead projectors, electrical and electronic products, reflective materials for highway safety, respirators for worker safety, closures for disposable diapers, medical and surgical supplies, and drug-delivery systems and dental products, among many others.

AGC Plasma Technology Solutions

AGC Plasma Technology Solutions brings the coating technologies used within the glass industry available to a broad range of industries. Our fields of expertise include magnetron sputtering, plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PE CVD) and ion beam implantation. The value proposal of AGC Plasma technology Solutions is that we are an industrial partner to upscale innovative plasma coating processes and have the capabilities to support our customers till reaching operational excellence in their production.

AGC Plasma has a customer centric approach with a demonstration center with pilot coating lines and extensive analysis tools in Lauenförde, Germany at the service of our customers to make product prototypes and realize proof of concepts.

Next, AGC Plasma is a one-stop provider for the vacuum plasma equipment. We take full responsibility for the project management and start-up of a turnkey vacuum plasma process line including integrated process control.

Advanced Energy Industries, Inc.

Advanced Energy provides high-value, reliable power conversion and controls for thin-film manufacturing companies around the world. We put decades of power conversion experience to work for every customer, listening closely to discover new ways to help them create one of the fundamental building blocks for reaching their goals. And in the process, we continue to stay in front of next-generation power conversion challenges.

Our far-reaching global presence ensures that our customers have access to our products - and to us - exactly when required. More than 200 direct service professionals are located near customer sites around the world, and our footprint includes a best-in-class manufacturing facility located in China. Our industry-leading quality management systems are independently verified, and our manufacturing operations ramp up and down as quickly as our customers need them to.


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Agilent Technologies, Vacuum Products Division

Agilent Technologies (formerly Varian, Inc.) is a full-service vacuum product supplier, manufacturing a wide range of state-of-the-art products to help you create, control, measure, and maintain vacuum. Agilent's product offering includes a wide range of high vacuum diffusion, turbo molecular, and ion pumps; dry scroll and oil-sealed primary vacuum pumps; gauging and instrumentation for all vacuum regimes; and a full range of flanges, fittings and valves. Agilent's VS Series Leak Detectors are robust and highly accurate industrial leak detectors, and include oil-free, clean room compatible models. Agilent provides pre-and post-sale engineering assistance, basic vacuum and product training classes, custom product design, on-site field service and depot level service. We have full, worldwide support for OEMs and end users, including advanced exchange and local service for immediate response. ISO-9001 certified.



Manufacturer of high and ultra-high vacuum components since 1965, ANCORP offers an extensive line of vacuum flanges, fittings, feedthroughs, traps, viewports, valves, chambers, and custom fabrications to researchers, OEMs, and industrial users around the world.

ANCORP products are designed to meet or exceed the standards required by our customers, such as those involved with thin film deposition, surface analysis, laser devices, cryogenics, and the aerospace industry.

ANCORP is the world’s leading innovator and manufacturer of high vacuum ball valves. The corrosive resistant design of our Extended Life™ (XL) ball valves makes them ideal for isolating reactors, traps, and scrubbers on vacuum coating tools used for MOCVD, PVD, and other thin film coating processes.

For more information, visit us online at www.ancorp.com.


Anderson Dahlen, Inc.
www.appliedvacuum.com & www.andersondahlen.com

Anderson Dahlen, Inc. is a full-service contract manufacturer for custom fabricated stainless steel products, equipment and process systems. For over 70 years, we've provided world-class metal fabrication and equipment integration services to leading multinational companies in a variety of industries. No matter what the project or application, our custom contract-manufacturing services will meet or exceed your expectations.

ADI's capabilities for metal forming, large scale machining, and critical welding are ideal for manufacturing vacuum chambers. Our engineering and manufacturing resources support customers involved in a variety of vacuum applications; especially vacuum coating systems for ALD, CVD and large-area coating. Learn more here: www.andersondahlen.com.

Applied Vacuum Technology, LLC is a specialized product division focused on high and ultra-high chambers, assemblies and components produced from Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Titanium and other specialty alloys. AVT's products tend to be smaller in scale and typically designed for higher vacuum ranges, extending into extreme vacuum (XHV) applications. Visit www.appliedvacuum.com for more info.

Having two production facilities located near Minneapolis helps us collaborate and share Engineering, Manufacturing and other resources. Together we offer a total solution for our customers and produce a variety of vacuum products; ranging from critical components and assemblies, to one-of-a-kind research chambers for National Labs and R&D groups, to production chambers for world-class equipment manufacturers. Our team is dedicated to providing custom vacuum products to your specifications; while maintaining excellent workmanship and quality standards, delivering your product on-time, and at the lowest possible costs.


Angstrom Engineering Inc.

You create the future, we'll handle logistics. Angstrom Engineering partners with innovators of all kinds to ensure you can simply and efficiently achieve the best possible outcomes in your important work. From single chamber physical vapor deposition (PVD) systems to fully-automated robotic cluster arrays, large area box-coaters, and tools crafted with specific applications in mind, like precise optical coatings utilizing ion beam sputter deposition (IBSD), we can help bring your work into focus.

Angstrom Engineering is a company dedicated to making the lives of our partner's ones in which a minimal amount of attention is spent on their hardware so that they can focus on the work they have set out to accomplish. Industry cliches can dilute statements like "we are committed to service and support," but in Angstrom Engineering's case, this statement is backed up by our current partners, who repeatedly let us know that the commitments we made are continually fulfilled in our constant attention in their direction.

Partner with us and see how together, we can accomplish big things.


Angstrom Sciences, Inc.

Angstrom Sciences was founded in 1988 by Mark A. Bernick with a mission to supply sophisticated magnetrons and high-purity materials for the Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) of thin films. Since then, the superior performance and reliability of these technically advanced magnetrons have led to world-wide market acceptance.

Angstrom Sciences’ magnetrons have been enthusiastically received in a wide variety of R&D and production applications across a spectrum of industries that include aerospace, defense, architectural glass, automotive components, data storage, decorative films, displays, electronics/microelectronics, energy, lighting, medical, security, and wear coatings, to name but a few! The reason for this success is quite simple. Angstrom Sciences’ patented profiled magnet technology, enhanced cooling through forced turbulent water-flow, and robust designs all combine to provide the performance and operational characteristics that our customers seek.

One of the outstanding advantages of our technology lies in its scalability. We supply state-of-the-art circular magnetrons, linear magnetrons, and cylindrical magnetrons; over the widest range of sizes and capabilities in the industry. Magnetic variations, design options, and accessories to optimize your application are limitless; enabling custom-tailored solutions for specific applications and system designs. Angstrom Sciences is a privately held company of more than 30 employees based out of its 18,000 square-foot manufacturing facility in Duquesne, PA (USA).


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BCC Research, LLC

For 50 years, BCC Research has been the trusted research partner of some of the world's leading businesses. Providing actionable insights and custom consulting across life sciences, advanced materials and technology, BCC Research nurtures smart, data-driven business decisions today, tomorrow and beyond.


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Buhler Inc.
Business Area Leybold Optics

Buhler Leybold Optics is a world-leading supplier of innovative thin film coating systems and processes, utilizing plasma ion assisted evaporation, sputtering, and plasma enhanced CVD. Our product portfolio includes equipment designed for the Optics, Automotive, Display, Glass, Packaging, Electronic and Electro-optics, and Aerospace industries. Within Optics we provide leading-edge equipment for coating products from ophthalmic lenses to demanding precision optical filters e.g. for telecommunications, laser optics, microscopy and touchscreen applications. These high-end filters are produced either by sputtering in our HELIOS tool or plasma ion assisted evaporation in our flagship SyrusPro. High layer quality and stability is guaranteed through use of the Advanced Plasma Source (APS), while our OMS5100 optical monitoring system provides the ultimate accuracy in layer thickness control.

The 3D division supplies equipment optimized for coating complex 3-dimensional parts such as car headlight reflectors, mobile phone covers, and cosmetic packaging. The latest processes include PVD metallization, color coatings, anti-fingerprint and wipe resist metallization.

The large area coating division supplies in-line systems using vertical (Pegasus) or horizontal (Apollon) geometries for architectural and automotive applications. Pegasus can coat glass substrates up to Gen 6, while the Apollon can handle substrates up to 6m x 3.1m. Our PAK and FLC coating platforms produce high throughput roll-to-roll coatings for metallization of food packaging, production of thin film capacitors, security films and flexible electronics.


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CCR Technology GmbH

CCR Technology is the only supplier of the COPRA Plasma Technology® and serves the supply chain of end user, original equipment manufacturers and research groups in markets like optics, solar, semiconductor, wear & decorative coatings as well as storage and display media.

The business of CCR is all around COPRA Plasma Sources based on a unique 13.56 MHz plasma excitation which is superior due to its power efficiency, scalability and its reliability. Target applications are plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition "PECVD" of silicon, carbon, oxides and nitrides for absorber and passivation layers, for optical filter stacks as well as for hard protective DLC and wear& decorative coatings. One of the biggest strengths is to adapt its plasma source design and dimensions to most of existing coater designs and deliver highly competitive plasma source solutions for dimensions up to Generation 5. The COPRA Plasma Technology is based on its own patented 13.56 MHz plasma excitation method which enables state of the art rf power transmission and gas dissociation efficiencies, unrivaled scalability paired with a robust industrial proven design from R&D to any kind of industrial production scale. The COPRA Technology® characteristics allows one to work with unchanging basic plasma parameters. This means that your process result is not negatively affected by scaling in size and speed as long as the right power level is adjusted.

Products: COPRA Plasma Sources as Linear-, Rectangular-, Round- and built-in sources to be placed fully in your vacuum chamber.


Denton Vacuum, LLC

For more than four decades, Denton has designed and built thousands of thin film vacuum deposition systems for a worldwide customer base. Major universities, leading government agencies, and multinational corporations use Denton systems in a wide variety of application areas, from microscope sample preparation to coating large space optics. Denton has a reputation of working closely with its customers to help them develop innovative, high-performance coating solutions. This dedication ensures outstanding film quality and system productivity. So get to know us. Our name is known and trusted throughout the industry. Denton’s 40-plus years of thin film R&D, equipment manufacturing, and in-house coating services make us the logical choice as your partner to bring it all together: comprehensive experience, a full range of equipment, complete technical support, and total dedication to your needs. Looking for development of a proprietary coating process? Searching for a vacuum deposition system that can keep pace with the demands of today’s fast-paced thin film production environment? Denton has an extensive "library" of thin film processes and a willingness to adapt them to meet specific development and production needs with maximum efficiency. Electron beam deposition, thermal evaporation, confocal or parallel sputtering, ion-assisted deposition, and PECVD are just some of the processes available. Denton systems are used daily to produce coatings on substrates as small as microscopy samples and as large as telescope optics. Sophisticated automation for system operation, process control, and optical monitoring are routinely incorporated into Denton systems. These systems are designed to turn the most highly specialized coating into a routine production procedure.


DHF Technical Products

DHF Technical Products manufactures and refines silver, gold, platinum and palladium targets and materials for the vacuum coating industry. Our people have nearly 40 years of experience providing exceptional precious metal products including planar and rotatable targets. We meet and exceed our customer's expectations for quality and delivery and have a deep understanding of what it takes to support today's stringent requirements of the vacuum coating industry!

Call today. And work with a company that is Outstanding in every element.


Dontech Inc.

Dontech is an AS9100D and ISO-9001:2015 certified designer and manufacturer of optical filters, laminations and thin and thick film coatings for the precision optics, display, and touch screen assembly markets. Since 1971, we have designed and manufactured custom components that enhance the performance of optical systems. We support our customers in demanding military, medical, and avionic markets from concept through final system delivery.

Our physical vapor deposition (PVD) process offerings include batch and roll to roll processes with AC and DC magnetron sputtering, ion-enhanced E-beam evaporation, plasma-enhanced physical vapor deposition (PEPVD), and chemical vapor deposition (CVD). Coatings can be applied to one or both surfaces of a variety of flexible and/or rigid substrates including a broad family of plastics, glass, and crystalline substrates. Coatings include antireflective coatings (AR), non-conductive oxides, metallic coatings, dichroic, and transparent conductive oxides (e.g., ITO). These coatings improve optical, electrical, and environmental properties of substrates and end systems.

For more information, visit us online at www.dontech.com or call us at 215-348-5010.


Duniway Stockroom Corp.

For 45 years, Duniway Stockroom has supplied new and used vacuum equipment to Universities, government laboratories, OEM's, Fortune 500 corporations and smaller end-users around the world.

We are a manufacturer of new ion pumps and ion pump controllers (Terranova®) as well as new vacuum gauge controllers (Terranova®).

Duniway keeps a large stock of hardware and supplies ready for same day shipment as well as a large selection of new and rebuilt ion pumps, turbomolecular pumps, mechanical pumps and diffusion pumps. Our pump rebuilding services handle all makes of ion pumps, turbomolecular pumps, mechanical pumps and diffusion pumps.



Dynavac manufactures vacuum process systems for a wide range of thin film applications. We have been manufacturing our equipment since 1982 and offer both standard and custom engineered products. Our product line includes systems for optical coating, sputtering, plasma processing, and space simulation. Dynavac also provides custom engineered products to support unique, state-of-the-art requirements and emerging technologies. Dynavac’s equipment is designed to operate under demanding requirements and is suitable for continuous production. Dynavac provides standard coating systems from 36 inch to 64 inch; larger custom designs are available upon request. Systems are fully automated through a supervisory computer and user-friendly graphic interface. The OM-2000 optical monitoring system provides fully automated film thickness control. Dynavac’s technical and manufacturing abilities are complemented with a full-service customer support network that includes field-service engineering, training/education, and in-house technical support for system troubleshooting and spare parts.


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Eastman Chemical Company

Delivering consistent superior value through innovative solutions.

Eastman is a specialty chemical company focused on delivering consistent, superior value.

Today, the world depends on our insights to create the materials found in thousands of household and industrial products--from food storage to the tires on your car. To do this, we work with customers worldwide to discover, develop, and innovate practical solutions that meet persistent and emerging needs in ever-changing global markets.

It's a market-driven approach that engages state-of-the-art technology and a highly skilled workforce to create new opportunities in markets like transportation and building and construction. Our people ask "what if?" and refuse to settle for obvious solutions--pushing the boundaries of science to forge success for our customers…and everyone along the value chain.

With manufacturing sites across North America, Europe, Asia, and Latin America, we are putting our chemistry to work, creating "The results of insight™."


Ebara Technologies, Inc.

Ebara Technologies Incorporated is a supplier of advanced vacuum and services for numerous coating applications. Ebara Technologies provides leading edge exhaust management solutions consisting of a full range of dry vacuum pumps, turbomolecular pumps, foreline and exhaust traps, exhaust line heaters, vacuum hardware and related services. All of our products are designed for the lowest cost of ownership, highest reliability and strict compliance to all safety standards.

We provide our customers with an unparalleled local and global network of customer support and technical service centers, providing the highest standard of reliability, maximum uptime and lower cost of ownership for all Ebara products.

Ebara has over 100 years of experience developing technologies that have been instrumental in innovating the vacuum coating industry. Our years of experience and insistence of releasing quality products have given us the reputation of being a reliable provider to our customers.


EB Sources

EB Sources strives to provide you with the very latest in technology paired with innovative design to minimize down times and maximize production. Our products are manufactured in the USA to last for years to come while providing cost savings. EB Sources manufactures standard and custom sources, feed-thrus, coils, crucibles, emitters, and other custom parts you need. We specialize in Egun repair and Magnet regaussing. Fastest repair turn-around in the industry at competitive pricing.


Emerson & Renwick

Innovative Vacuum Roll-to-Roll Solutions.

Founded in 1918 in Lancashire, England, Emerson & Renwick (E&R) remains a privately owned, independent equipment engineering company.

The company has grown and developed across a number of market sectors and is positioned as a leading manufacturer of sophisticated Vacuum roll-to-roll pilot scale & production machinery for applications such as Flexible Electronics, Energy Storage, Solar and Flexible displays.

E&R have built a reputation for engineering, technology and process innovation to support developments for ever more demanding processes and products. E&R work with strategic partners to integrate sophisticated and complex source technologies to their platforms.


EVOCHEM Advanced Materials GmbH

EVOCHEM is the one-stop-source for all Thin-Film Applications. Our product portfolio covers a comprehensive range of evaporation materials and PVD-consumables, highly effective sputtering targets, monitoring crystals as well as evaporation coils.

EVOCHEM's new super-hydrophobic product line provides superior process and film properties. We have developed sophisticated materials that reduce the adherence of dirt and fingerprints on surfaces while at the same time increasing the scratch resistance.

EVOCHEM has sucessfully introduced the quality management systems ISO 9001:2015 to ensure the highest and most consistent product quality, reliability and traceability. All of our products are RoHS and REACH compliant.


Ferrotec USA Corporation

Ferrotec USA, part of the worldwide Ferrotec Corporation of Tokyo, Japan, brings over 30 years of experience to the vacuum and semiconductor industries.  Ferrofluidicâ feedthroughs and a variety of other sealing products and motorized subsystems, manufactured using the most advanced ferrofluids on the market, enable otherwise unachievable advancements in vacuum processing systems.  Electron beam evaporators, solid-state power supplies and advanced programmable controllers from Ferrotec provide innovative features and the best worldwide support in the industry.  Thermoelectric modules, heating and cooling subassemblies, and fabricated quartz products manufactured by Ferrotec, along with a wide range of contract manufacturing capabilities, provide innovative features, materials and ultimate quality to a variety of industries and equipment.  Ferrotec provides industry-leading products, capabilities and support to vacuum processing as well as a full range of other industries worldwide.



Fil-Tech is a worldwide supplier of Quality Crystals®. Fil-Tech manufactures 6MHz and 5MHz Stress Relieving Alloy®, Gold, Longer Life Gold®, Advanced Adhesion Alloy®, and Extreme Temperature Quality Crystals for optical, ophthalmic, anti-reflective, semiconductor, and other thin film coatings. We also manufacture liquid plating crystals for measuring thin films in liquid and gas environments.

Fil-Tech manufactures quartz crystal hardware including single and dual sensor heads, 12 QC sensor heads, sputter sensor heads with built in oscillators, bakeable sensor heads, feedthroughs on flanges and 1" bolts, oscillators, and cables. Fil-Tech offers Multi-Film Rate/Thickness monitors and controllers at competitive pricing.

Fil-Tech supplies Temescal and Telemark electron beam gun replacement parts, Veeco Commonwealth and Ion Tech ion source replacement parts, crucibles and crucible covers in OFHC, crucible liners in graphite, molybdenum, tungsten and other materials, FT704 and FT705 silicone fluids, Santovac 5, Krytox fluids and greases, mechanical pump fluids, and ionization, convection and thermocouple gauges. We also offer dual channel Ion Multi Gauge Controllers that measure from atmosphere to UHV and control Bayard-Alpert gauges and all other gauges based on the 0-10V output standard.

Contact Paula Becker at paula@filtech.com or visit www.filtech.com for quality, savings and stock delivery.


Fischer Technology Inc.

Fischer instruments are the standard of excellence all over the world. Our instrument line includes XRF instruments to measure coating/plating thickness, Nano indentation for the measurement of coating hardness and Scratch instruments for the measurement of coating adhesion. Characteristics of the company's instrumentation have always included innovative design and impeccable standards of the quality control. As a measure of the company's technical superiority we hold more than 40 patents in the field of thickness measurement. Particular emphasis is placed on customer application engineering. Fischer instruments are designed to meet specific application needs. All instruments are backed by the absolute support of the company's staff and comprehensive warranties. Information on our products can be easily found at www.fischer-technology.com, we can be reached at 860-683-0781.


Forge Nano Inc.

Forge Nano is a global leader in surface engineering and precision nano-coating technology, using Atomic Layer Deposition. Forge Nano's proprietary technology and manufacturing processes make angstrom-thick coatings fast, affordable and commercially viable for a wide range of materials, applications and industries. Forge Nano's suite of ALD and PALD products and services covers the full spectrum from lab-scale tools to commercial-scale manufacturing solutions.


Fusion Industry Association

The Fusion Industry Association is a registered non-profit organization composed of private companies working to commercialize fusion power. The Association advocates for policies that would accelerate the race to fusion energy.


Gencoa Ltd.

Gencoa provide highly advanced deposition instruments and process support for PVD and PECVD processes. For more than twenty years, Gencoa has been perfecting its range of planar and rotatable magnetron sputter cathodes and plasma deposition components, in addition to the introduction of process control and sensing products. Our skilled team can provide advice on optimizing your process to achieve the best possible performance.


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GfE Metalle und Materialien GmbH

GfE, founded in 1911 and being part of AMG Advanced Metallurgical Group N.V., Netherlands, is a world leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality coating materials for PVD thin film applications.

With more than 100 years of experience in materials science, technology, engineering and manufacturing, our core competencies include melting, powder processing and thermal spraying. These capabilities enable us to supply elemental metals, metal alloys, oxides and cermets in all consumable PVD forms, including arc cathodes, evaporation materials as well as planar and rotatable sputtering targets up to 4 meters (152") in length. With our coating materials "Made in Germany" and reliable raw material sourcing, partly within the AMG Group, we are the right partner for your requirements in thin film photovoltaics, thermal solar, Low-E, solar control, mirror coatings, wear resistance and decorative coatings as well as thin films for ophthalmic lenses and precision optics.

GfE operates three production sites in Germany and North America with about 500 employees. GfE Metalle und Materialien GmbH and GfE Fremat GmbH are subsidiaries of GfE Gesellschaft für Elektrometallurgie mbH, a leading global manufacturer of high-performance metals and materials. Beside metallic and ceramic materials for coating technologies, its product range includes alloys and functional materials for the aircraft industry, technical powders, vanadium chemicals, semi-finished products, thermal spraying as well as different scientific technical services.

We are certificated in accordance to ISO 9001, EN 9100, ISO 14001, ISO 50001 as well as ISO 45001 and operate an accredited laboratory according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 to demonstrate our absolute commitment to quality and safety.

New products are continuously developed in close cooperation with and according to the requirements of our customers. GfE's innovative high-performance materials deliver efficiency, reliability and best value to the thin film manufacturing processes of our customers.

For more information, please visit www.gfe.com or contact us at coatings@gfe.com


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GP Plasma

GP Plasma's team of experts offers consulting services for the thin films coating industry. With decades of combined experience in our specific fields, we can help solve your complex materials problems, optimize your process and design the equipment to produce your products. We can troubleshoot, tune and model your coating processes in order to improve your yields as well as to decrease your time to market for new applications. In addition, we offer hands on, customized training with your staff, minimizing the time necessary to bring your team up to speed and maximizing efficiency. Our systems design team can model and design pilot production systems. Having designed equipment for the solar, glass and hard coatings industries, we can manage the requirements of any process no matter how demanding.

We also work with our partners in order to educate others about new technologies and their applications. Having worked in the HIPIMS field for over 15 years, we are experts in designing equipment and processes for dense, conformal sputtered coatings. Our partner Duralar, specializes in a unique Hollow Cathode deposition technology which can deposit conformal DLC coatings on complex geometries as well as the ID of tubes with a 15:1 aspect ratio. This PECVD process allows us to also produce coatings which offer true corrosion protection and which can be deposited at rates greater than 20 µm per hour. We also offer Plasma Electrolytic Processing through our partner IBC Materials and Technologies Group. These unique processes allow one to polish metals, strip paint and coatings from metallic substrates as well as to create hard, dense oxide layers on aluminum and titanium alloys.

From forensic analysis to design and optimization, we look forward to increasing your productivity while minimizing your risk.


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Hauzer Techno Coating - IHI Group

Hauzer Techno Coating - IHI Group manufactures PVD and PACVD vacuum equipment for producing metallic or ceramic coatings. The product line consists of machines for efficient mass production of decorative thin films and versatile machines for the production of tribological and functional thin films for the tool and component market. The coaters feature ease of use, repeatable performance, and high throughput, which results in cost-effective treatments. A wide range of coating processes is available, and engineered systems include recommended cleaning processes, application-specific process parameters and development, quality control, and efficient parts flow. Decorative hard coatings are widely produced in Hauzer Flexicoat® equipment. Coatings composed of ZrN, TiN, or CrN and their variants can produce a wide range of colors on metal and plastic substrates and provide long lasting durable properties. Tribological and functional coatings provide a variety of wear protections for cutting and forming tools or modified friction and wear properties for industrial components. Machine configurations are offered to produce coatings like TiN, TiCN, TiAlN, CrN, and DLC. Hauzer has a long track record of successful and worldwide installations and is committed to uncompromising quality, product reliability, and service. Continued development of the equipment and processes makes Hauzer a strong partner for current and future needs in surface engineering.


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Horiba Instruments, Inc.

The HORIBA Group, made up of 49 companies in 27 countries, is a leading company that provides analytical and measurement systems throughout the world. We are a global company that provides process control instrumentation and analytical solutions to the most advanced manufacturing industries. Our suite of solutions for vacuum coatings applications ranges from digital pressure control to high performance vaporizers and process monitors.


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INFICON offers gas analysis, measurement, and advanced process control through residual gas analyzers (mass spectrometers), particle detectors, helium leak detectors, multi-gas leak detectors, thin film deposition controllers and monitors, RF sensors, and sensor integration and analysis software. Pressure measurement products include vacuum gauges for total pressure measurement, valves, fittings and feedthroughs. These analysis, measurement and control products are vital to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and end-users in the complex fabrication of semiconductors and thin film coatings for flat panel displays, solar cells, magnetic and optical storage media, scientific and consumer optics, and architectural glass coatings.


Intellivation, LLC

Intellivation is a leading manufacturer of innovative & state-of-the art vacuum thin film coating equipment and components. The R2R Series web coating systems have a compact and ergonomic design for coating flexible polymer, metal, ceramic and other flexible materials with a wide range of thin films. The PhiMag planar sputter magnetrons and rotary magnet bars offer an industry-leading magnetic, thermal, and mechanical design for precise depositions and high utilization. Intellivation offers other depositions sources and pretreatments to deliver a wide range of solutions with vacuum requirements. Development services with our in-house application laboratory features a R2R330 web coating system and a full materials characterization laboratory for process and product development.


Intlvac Thin Film

Intlvac Thin Film, (ITF) specializes in plasma enhanced thin film coating systems and services. We build a large variety of Ion Beam Etch and Sputter systems, PECVD for Diamond Like Carbon, Electron Beam Evaporation, End Hall Ion Sources and a whole range of specialized sputtering systems running the whole range from R&D to full production. ITF maintains a large thin film lab with 7 in house coating systems, scientists, and analytical equipment to develop customer processes and to provide coating services.


Ionbond Netherlands BV

Ionbond is one of the largest coating service providers for hard, wear-resistant, and low friction coatings and a global leader in PVD, CVD and PACVD coating technology. At Ionbond, we reliably help our customers reach their quality, performance and sustainability goals with our hard, low-friction, wear-resistant coatings based on PVD, PACVD and CVD technologies. Our standardized, tailored or even custom-developed coating solutions serve companies in the aerospace, medical, food contact, automotive, decorative and tooling industries. Since we have 35 job coating centers in 15 countries in Europe, North America and Asia, our customers benefit from the global expertise and local accessibility of one of the largest coating networks in the world. Ionbond is part of IHI group, a Japanese industrial group with significant R&D resources. IHI Group is active in many fields, including energy and resources, social infrastructure, industrial machinery and aero engines.


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J.A. Woollam

The J.A. Woollam Company has over 30 years of experience in spectroscopic ellipsometry. We offer a wide range of spectroscopic ellipsometers for non-destructive materials characterization including thin film thickness (single and multilayer), optical constants, composition, growth/etch rates, and more. We have instruments available for research and manufacturing metrology covering wavelengths in the ultraviolet, visible, near-infrared, mid-infrared, and even at THz frequencies. We pride ourselves on creating the most advanced, high-quality and reliable ellipsometers available and working with our customers to solve even the most difficult problems. We are your Ellipsometry Experts.


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Junora LTD

While Junora LTD is new to the sputter target supply chain, the current team of 10 employees have a combined 200 years of experience in sputter targets manufacturing and sputtering process. Junora LTD is commercializing a novel way of making rotary sputter targets from a variety of non-ferrous metals and alloys (Ag, In, Li, Sn, Zn...). Our process will allow us to provide higher levels of quality, more options on re-coating and lower cost of ownership than current fabrication processes.


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Kaufman & Robinson, Inc.

Kaufman & Robinson, Inc. (KRI) has been a pioneer and leader in the manufacturing of broad-beam ion and plasma products for over 40 years. With extensive product lines of vacuum-based process tools that interact with materials at the atomic level, KRI is known around the world for providing advance solutions to high-tech industrialists, vacuum system OEMs, and research institutions.

Since the introduction of the ground-breaking and industry changing Kaufman Ion Source, KRI has developed number broad-beam designs, including gridded and gridless source technology, DC or RF discharges, and automated power supply controllers.

Kaufman & Robinson relies on their employee's vast technical knowledge and experience to design and manufacture new, next generation broad-beam products. KRI products are routinely applied in the following commonly accepted processes: Fields, Technologies, & Sciences; Etch uniformities and critical dimensions; Consumer eyewear; MEMS, sensors, & displays; Precision thin film control; Precision optics; Semiconductor; Photonics & lasers; Magnetic data storage; and Medical devices.

KRI's renewed dedication to research & development supports their commitment to innovation and creation of quality products. The evolution and development of a full product line that serves multiple applications and markets drives their dedication to customers, service and all company-wide decisions.


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KOLZER design and manufactures advanced vacuum coating machines with the highest quality standards. KOLZER machines guarantee versatility in Metallization and PVD Sputtering treatments as well as repeatability in production. Ideal solution for high capacity in-line production and compact production stations typical for small and medium-sized companies.

Kolzer design and manufacture Vacuum Coating Machines in Milan since 1952 and currently we are recognized as a strong and consolidated player in the European and global market with more than 1300 operating vacuum coating machine worldwide.


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Kurdex Corporation

Kurdex is a supplier of vacuum deposition and etch systems for HVM, R&D and Pilot. Products include PVD, EVAP, PECVD, ALD, ARC vacuum deposition and etch/strip tools. Available in in-line, cluster with full automation for any substrate size up to 2300 mm. Supplying equipment to solar cell, semiconductor (packaging), FPD, HDI, hard disk, automotive, thin film batteries, OLED, and LED lighting. Turn key automation, discrete pieces and roll to roll. Contact us for details of our latest products including "Spatial ALD" and volume sputtering tool for solar cell and volume sputter tool for semiconductor/packaging for 200 and 300 mm wafers with "SOFT ETCH".

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KDF Inc.

Founded in 1986, KDF is a leading supplier of both new and remanufactured physical vapor deposition batch inline sputtering tools for the mainstream silicon, emerging materials and flat panel display markets.

KDF services an installed base of over 2,000 systems in the field - over half of the semiconductor fabs in the world use a KDF system in wafer process

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Kurt J. Lesker Company

The Kurt J. Lesker Company, founded in 1954, is a global manufacturer of vacuum components and complete systems for high vacuum and UHV applications. The company offers more than 14,000 vacuum equipment products from warehouses throughout North America and Europe and has more than 200 employees worldwide. Our Website has full E-commerce capabilities. In addition to standard vacuum flanges, components, feedthroughs, vacuum fluids, and gaskets, we engineer and manufacture magnetron sputtering sources for R&D and large-scale production applications, a wide range of pure materials, custom chambers, and evaporation sources (including organics). Since 1980 our Process Equipment Division has manufactured complete sputter deposition, e-beam and thermal evaporation, molecular beam epitaxy, and laser ablation systems. They range from laboratory bell jar units to fully automated large-scale production systems, with the present emphasis on organic thin-film deposition systems for OLED and PLED flat panel displays and combinatory materials research. Our distributor relationships with major vacuum pump manufacturers enable us to sell a wide variety of coarse pumps; rotary vane and piston pumps; roots pumps; dry piston, scroll, screw, and diaphragm pumps; turbo, drag, and hybrid pumps; diffusion pumps; and ion pumps—often from our stock. Our skilled Vacuum Services group repairs and rebuilds all models of mechanical, diffusion, and turbo-pumps, and reclaims expensive vacuum fluids.

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Materials Science, Inc.

Materials Science, Inc. was established in 1989 as a supplier of technically superior planar magnetron sputtering cathodes used to produce parts requiring excellent quality, high performance coatings such as precision optics, flexible substrates, storage media and components needing wear, decorative and functional coatings.

Our SunSource™ sputtering sources include practical features designed to enhance reliability and productivity in industrial environments.  The company was the first to introduce injection of sputtering gas through the cathode body and to implement efficient turbulent water flow schemes allowing high power levels without magnet or target overheating.  We were pioneers in the development of a wide uniform target erosion area resulting in stable reactive sputtering processes, long useful target life and higher rates and power densities.  Recently, the company introduced the Kamlokä fast target exchange system allowing target exchanges in minutes regardless of length and eliminating galling and seizure of fasteners that are no longer required.

We have grown over the years by listening to our customers.  Our business philosophy is simple – we want customers to be completely satisfied with our products and services.  This begins with an objective discussion with the customer about their needs and honesty in our response.  We guarantee on-time delivery, competitive pricing, reasonably priced spare parts, complete documentation and highly reliable sputtering sources easily serviced by the user.


Materials Science International, Inc.

Materials Science International, Inc. (MSI), commands a worldwide reputation for its experience in design, manufacture, and service of precious and semiprecious metal targets and specialized components for architectural and industrial glass and electronic coating industries. The quality and reliability of MSI metal targets coupled with the award-winning commitment of providing outstanding customer service are well established in both domestic and international markets. Manufactured designs include rotatable, clamp-down, or bolt-down planar (segmented and monolithic) targets in sizes ranging from small circular to large monolithic targets up to 150 inches in length. MSI has the capability of alloying, melting in air, inert atmosphere, or vacuum depending on the material requirements. To assure reproducible dimensional requirements are met, targets are machined by state-of-the-art CNC machining centers. MSI maintains a Total Quality Management System committed to continuous improvement and total customer satisfaction. The Quality Management System is certified to Q90-01 (ISO-9001:1994) by KPMG. Neil Crabbe, MSI President and CEO, is committed to exceeding customer requirements and expectations through continuous product and service innovations. MSI world headquarters, located in Columbus, Ohio, is housed in a modern 25,000-square-foot facility.


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Materion Corporation

Materion Corporation is a proven provider of specialty materials and innovative solutions with decades of experience in inorganic chemical synthesis and material transformation. We draw on this experience to provide physical vapor deposition (PVD) materials used in thin film coating applications for thin film solar, large area glass, LED lighting, and specialized battery and semiconductor applications.

Our thin film PVD materials offering ranges from custom CIGS and TCO's to precious and non-precious metals. We provide PVD materials in a wide range of sputtering target configurations including cylindrical and large planar geometry and evaporation pieces. Collaboration with other Materion businesses gives us the power to leverage a unique combination of technical expertise, extensive fabrication skills and precious metal refining and recycling services to our customers’ advantage.

Materion is a global advanced materials company dedicated to providing solutions that enable our customers' technologies, and drive their growth. Our products include precious and non-precious specialty metals, precision optical filters, inorganic chemicals and powders, specialty coatings, specialty-engineered beryllium alloys, beryllium and beryllium composites, and engineered clad and plated metal systems. Materion is structured to enhance our ability to provide customers with innovative, best total-cost solutions.


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Maxima Sciences LLC

Maxima Sciences LLC provides vacuum deposition consulting, instrument design, and fabrication services to support the vacuum deposition industry. Our staff are experts in Atomic Layer Deposition. Our custom fabrication shop has machining, glass work, or electronics capabilities. We are dedicated to providing creative solutions to today's problem or supporting tomorrow's project.


MKS Instruments, Inc.

MKS Instruments, Inc. is a global provider of instruments, subsystems and process control solutions that measure control, power, monitor and analyze critical parameters of advanced manufacturing processes to improve process performance and productivity. Our products are derived from our core competencies in pressure measurement and control, flow measurement and control, gas and vapor delivery, gas composition analysis, residual gas analysis, leak detection, control and information technology, ozone generation and delivery, RF & DC power, reactive gas generation, and vacuum technology.


Midwest Tungsten Service, Inc.

Midwest Tungsten Service manufactures a wide variety of vacuum evaporation sources including filaments, boats, electron beam and ion beam sources from tungsten, molybdenum and tantalum. MTS also supplies tungsten, molybdenum and tantalum raw material and custom machines parts from these metals. MTS offers its own brand of silicone diffusion pump fluid and TIG welding electrodes. We carry an extensive inventory to assure prompt delivery.


Nor-Cal Products, Inc.

Since 1962 Nor-Cal Products, Inc., has manufactured high and ultra-high vacuum components for semiconductor, thin film, surface analysis, and research applications. Nor-Cal has earned a reputation worldwide for quality components, competitive prices, and excellent customer support. Our custom vacuum chambers are unequalled in performance and appearance. In-house electropolishing and special materials, such as vacuum-fired 316L, are available. Our engineers can oversee fabrication of chambers from customer sketches or specifications. Complete engineering drawings of custom items can be supplied upon receipt of order. An entire system can be supplied complete with sample transfer and manipulation devices, stand, pumps, gauges, and deposition monitors. Our isolation valves are the standard for many semiconductor equipment manufacturers. Recently, we have added several new product lines, including a modular valve system with low-cost heated and soft-start options. Our adaptive pressure control system offers 30 times the resolution at 60 times the speed of competitive butterfly valves and controllers. Our new capacitance diaphragm gauges are available in heated and unheated versions for pressures from 100 milliTorr to 1,000 Torr. Our experience with semiconductor process equipment allows us to provide customers with comprehensive solutions to extend downstream preventative maintenance intervals with heater jackets and process-specific foreline traps. Nor-Cal has a chem-clean line, class 1000 cleanroom and offers double bagging for fabrication and semiconductor equipment manufacturers. Please call or visit our web site to request our free 200-page catalog.


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Pfeiffer Vacuum, Inc.

Pfeiffer Vacuum is one of the world's leading providers of vacuum solutions. In addition to a full range of hybrid and magnetically levitated turbopumps, the product portfolio comprises backing pumps, leak detectors, measurement and analysis devices, components as well as vacuum chambers and systems. Ever since the invention of the turbopump by Pfeiffer Vacuum, the company has stood for innovative solutions and high-tech products that are used in the Analytics, Industry, Research & Development, Coating and Semiconductor markets. Our products are backed by a team of experts to assist customers with vacuum system design, installation, and maintenance. Founded in 1890, Pfeiffer Vacuum is active throughout the world today. North American operations are located in Nashua, NH, and offer marketing, sales, service, and repair. In addition, sales and manufacturing offices are located throughout North America including San Jose, CA, Indianapolis, IN and Austin, TX.


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Plansee USA LLC

Plansee High Performance Materials: Strong Metals for Strong Products: Plansee, the world's leading expert in the field of refractory metal products, is preparing to start our second century of operation. So please help us celebrate our 100th anniversary! Let us illustrate the range of our expertise, as we take raw powders and transform them in-house into the wide range of products that our customers require. From computer chips, to flat-panel display TVs and tablets, solar panels, to cutting tools and medical devices, our sputtering targets are everywhere. You'll find our material in a myriad of other products, just not our name. Let us help you devise the high-quality, custom-fit solution you and your customers require.


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Plasmaterials, Inc.

PLASMATERIALS, Inc., since 1987, has been supplying the Thin Film Industry with high quality planar and rotatable sputtering targets and evaporation materials for use in Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) equipment and related applications. These high purity materials are provided in nearly every element, alloy, and composition available on the periodic table along with custom compositions. These materials are well suited for industrial applications, laboratory processing, research and development applications, pilot production applications as well as full scale production. For use in the microelectronic, automotive, architectural glass, display, hard coating, semiconductor, optical, packaging, decorative, anti-corrosive, etc. coating applications. In addition, backing plates, e-beam starter sources and crucible liners are all available either "off the shelf" or through custom design. Plasmaterials, Inc. also offers metallic bonding services. The bonding process utilizes a proprietary process for affixing the target directly to the backing plate using low vapor pressure materials. These bonding materials provide the necessary mechanical strength, thermal and electrical conductivity while allowing differential expansion between the target and the backing plate. As a full service company, Plasmaterials, Inc. can provide all of your deposition materials needs. For more information and to help you find solutions for your thin film material needs, please contact one of our sales engineers.


Plasma Process Group

Founded in 1999, Plasma Process Group provides high performance ion beam sources, systems, and components required for precision thin film deposition and etching applications. Our scientists are experts in ion optics, ion beam sources, and associated RF technologies. We offer a fully integrated Broadband OMS in our NEW Techne and Techne 5G ion beam deposition tools. We complement our group with a complete service and support center, servicing a variety of ion beam equipment.


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PLASUS GmbH is a leading manufacturer of spectroscopic plasma monitor and process control systems. Founded in 1996, the core competence is the development of turn-key process control systems for industry and R&D applications. The systems are applied for plasma monitoring, process control, process optimization, quality control and spectroscopic plasma analysis in all kind of markets where plasma processes are involved: architectural glass coating, solar cell production, semiconductor industry, hard coating of cutting tools, decorative coatings etc.

Our turnkey multi-channel PLASUS EMICON systems are highly recognized in the market and are applied to a large variety of applications such as PECVD, PVD, reactive sputtering, HIPIMS, endpoint detection, quality control, chamber matching, fault detection, etc.

PLASUS provides also optical in-vacuum components with coating protection device for safe and low maintenance use in production lines.

The spectroscopy software PLASUS SpecLine is a unique software tool for analysing spectral data, which includes an extended and up-to-date database for atomic lines and, in particular, for molecular bands.

PLASUS SpecLine allows a very easy and fast identification of detected species from spectra.

PLASUS has a worldwide distributor network with main representatives in North America and Asia.


Process Materials, Inc.

The Materials Division of Process Materials, Inc., provides high-purity sputtering targets, evaporation materials, and wire of nearly every element on the periodic table. We manufacture backing plates and offer bonding services and plasma spraying. Products include metals, alloys, and ceramics. Process Materials is a leading source of materials known for quality, consistency, and dependability produced to exact specifications and delivered on time. The Vacuum Equipment Division specializes in remanufactured or upgraded evaporation and sputtering systems including PLC automation. Our "turn-key" systems include installation, training, and a one-year warranty. We inventory systems, box coaters, leak detectors and components. Process Materials has earned a global reputation for its commitment to quality and service where trust is as important as technical knowledge.


ProTech Materials, Inc.

ProTech Materials has been provider of thin films materials for the architectural glass, wear resistant coating, solar photo-voltaic, web coating and optical coating industries since 1997. Applying the Protech team's experience in target manufacturing, physical vapor deposition (PVD) and PVD equipment manufacturing, ProTech Materials is positioned to offer customers integrated thin film target material solutions.

ProTech Materials has the unique capability to manufacture custom engineered thin films materials on a small scale for concept and feasibility studies with the ability to rapidly ramp to production quantities when needed.

ProTech provides a wide variety of ceramic, metal and metal alloy sputtering targets, high purity evaporation materials and indium products. Among the many materials offered, ProTech Materials has extensive experience in transparent conductive oxides (TCO), including indium tin oxide (ITO) and alumina doped zinc oxide (AZO). ProTech also offers customer specified engineered targets upon request.

Additional services available include Rotary and Planar bonding, backing plates and backing tubes, as well as, target recycling.

Have unique thin film target material requirements?

In need of engineered materials?

Challenged with cost reduction goals?

ProTech Materials is there to help you.


Providence Metallizing Company, Inc.

Founded in 1951, Providence Metallizing has become one of the largest finishing contractors in the world. Our employees finish over 4 million individually handled parts per week, 24 hours per day, in over a quarter million square feet of floor space. State-of-the-art equipment and exclusive processes enable us to offer the widest range of surface finishes anywhere. Applications include electronics, industrial, automotive, lamp and lighting, hardware, cosmetics, jewelry, and a host of other decorative applications. Our services include sputtering technology, EMI/RFI shielding, highly reflective coatings, cosmetic and decorative vacuum metallizing and electroplating on plastic and metal.  Recent innovations include glass metallizing in transparent and specialty finishes. Put our capabilities to the test in developing a finish or meeting an existing requirement by contacting our company.


PVT Plasma und Vakuum Technik GmbH

PVT Plasma und Vakuum Technik GmbH was established in 1985 to provide thin-film coating technology, equipment, and coating services for the cutting tool industry. During the last several decades, PVT has grown to be leading manufacturers of: industrial PVD coating equipment, characterized by user friendliness, excellent reproducibility, industrial reliability, and efficiency; R&D vacuum coating systems; arc evaporation and magnetron sputtering systems; and vacuum metallizers for the automotive industry for the surface-like-chrome (SLC) process. Today, PVT with its highly trained and skilled technical staff, is active in the following areas: design, engineering, and manufacturing of PVD vacuum coating systems; process development by arc evaporation and magnetron sputtering; turn-key project engineering, including pretreatment, cleaning, coating, quality control, facility lay-out etc.; retrofit and upgrade of existing systems, which involves process, components, software, and complete system rebuild; coating services for hard wear-resistant and decorative coatings, such as TiN, Ti(C,N), TiAlN, CrN, ZrN, TiZrN, and many others for various industries; and R&D projects, such as its successful high-rate evaporation process, low-temperature deposition, and replacement for electroplated chrome. PVT LLC located in Chicago, IL, is PVT’s U.S. subsidiary serving North American customers. Through PVT’s exclusive partnerships with Swiss-Plas.com and New-Plas.com, PVT has successfully developed new advanced coating processes and equipment with unprecedented performance.


R. D. Mathis Company

The R. D. Mathis Company specializes in the manufacture of high-vacuum evaporation sources for the thin film industry. We offer a comprehensive selection of tungsten, molybdenum, and tantalum sources through our catalog as well as custom fabrication to meet your specific needs. If your thin film coating operation requires a filament, basket, boat, crucible, baffled box, or alumina coated source, check the extensive selection in our catalog or contact us to discuss your unique coating requirements and we’ll help develop the source that is right for you. We also offer low-voltage, high-current AC power supplies, power cabling, and gas purification equipment to compliment your physical vapor deposition (PVD) process. Our flexible tooling and highly skilled work force allow us to produce unique one-of-a-kind sources as well as high-volume production quantities with equal ease. All of our refractory materials are high purity, high quality, and are processed using specific R. D. Mathis Company requirements. Every source we produce is of the highest quality in the industry and represents value, innovation, reliability, and integrity—the cornerstones of our business philosophy. Along with every source comes our commitment to provide you with the best service possible. Our staff stands ready to provide you with engineering consultation to help determine the right source for you at the best value to make your coating process a success.



We manufacture RF Generators, Auto Tuners, and all related RF accessories. Offering RF Power of 100-3500 watts with crystal controlled frequencies of 1 - 40.68 Mhz. We service and supply parts for existing RF generators both SS and Power Tube type. We offer consulting on all types RF system applications.


Reliable Corporation

Reliable Corporation, based in Connecticut, manufactures precious metal evaporation materials and sputtering targets for thin film deposition. Reliable focuses on silver, gold, platinum, and palladium. Products serve a broad set of applications including large area coatings, semiconductor, electronics, medical product coatings, aerospace, LED, and wearable technologies. Reliable's reputation for performance, quality, price, delivery, and flexibility is unmatched by large competitors in the industry. Our name is our promise.

Reliable Corporation is an ISO 9001:2015 registered firm.


robeko GmbH & Co. KG

robeko provides components, materials and technology for vacuum based processes such as PVD, PECVD, ion implantation and surface activation. Based in southwest Germany robeko manufactures coating materials such as Chromium, Zirconium, Aluminium, Silicon and Indium sputtering targets for its customers in automotive, glass, photovoltaics and precision optics.

Our trading department focuses on the technical sales of state of the art hardware components such as rotatable sputter magnetrons, process controllers, microwave equipment and ion implantation sources and processes.

Typical application of the PVD products are:

  • - metallization of plastics
  • - coloured coatings on plastics
  • - surface activation of flexible substrates
  • - mirror production
  • - applications of microwave technology:
    • Foam drying
    • Ceramic drying
    • Rubber seals vulcanization
    • Windshield coating
    • Bonding of composite composites
    • Polymerization of composites


Semicore Equipment Inc

Silicon Valley based Semicore Equipment, Inc. is a manufacturer and supplier of thin film PVD systems as well as custom application equipment solutions used in many industries since 1996. From small R&D groups and academia, to large scale, high volume automated production environments, Semicore has the expertise and experience to provide the solution. With a primary focus on automated sputtering and evaporation systems, Semicore offers many standard models to choose from. If what you need is not standard, we will custom design the right configuration and build it as if it is. All Semicore equipment is backed by fully customizable warranties and service contracts as desired.

There is more… much more: inline pass-by sputter, filament evaporation, large parts, dual-sided sputter, electron beam evaporation, multi-process cluster systems, batch sputter, ion beam assisted deposition, SEMI cassette, confocal sputter, and small parts. Advancing innovation for your products requires advanced and innovative tools too. That's what Semicore makes.


Sierra Applied Sciences, Inc.

Sierra Applied Sciences, was founded over 30 years ago by our current CEO/CTO, Barry Manley. Today the company is the world leader for magnetron sputtering technology for all deposition applications. Sierra Applied's cathodes offer the highest target utilization available in the industry today. All these attributes, along with Sierra Applied's pre-purchase performance & best price guarantee, makes it easy to buy. Simply put, Sierra Applied is the only name for magnetron cathode technology!


Singulus Technologies AG

Singulus has delivered in excess of 8000 vacuum sputtering machines worldwide over the past 20 years. The machines range from standard sputtering systems to ultra-high vacuum deposition machines applying extremely thin layers with capabilities down to 0.2 nm. Singulus Technologies offers processes and equipment for coating technology (PVD sputtering, evaporation, PECVD, CVD). A common trait of all processes is the basic principle of efficient, low-resource production technology.


Soleras Advanced Coatings

Soleras Advanced Coatings offers reliable rotatable sputter hardware and a broad portfolio of sputter targets made via different production methods (cast, thermal spray, HIPed, sleeved & bonded) in order to find the right solution for every customer; whether active in large area glass coating, flat panel display, optical coatings, photovoltaics, electrochromic, tribological or decorative coatings, we have the right answer for you. Our customers can benefit from our broad experience in rotatable and planar magnetron sputtering.

Soleras Advanced Coatings has production facilities in Maine and Wisconsin (US), Belgium (EU) and JiangYin (China) and maintenance centers and excellent sales and customer service teams around the world.

Soleras Advanced Coatings’ customized total solutions for sputtering consist of:

• Rotatable sputter targets
• Planar sputter targets and bonding
• Complete rotatable sputter magnetron solutions:
    - Cathodes, end blocks, Magnet bars, including former Applied Materials' product lines
    - Sputter electronics (power supplies, inverters, arc suppressors)
    - Gas distribution systems
    - Automation and control systems

All these components can be customized and integrated in each existing or new coating line. The wide portfolio of high quality rotatable targets is produced in high volumes, in all dimensions and with all existing fixations.

For more information, please visit our website www.soleras.com.


Spartek, Inc.

At Spartek, Inc., we have a strong, 50+ year history in the field of vacuum plating and metallization. We are a leading authority in the application of tints and colors to vacuum plating, and we have the capacity to handle complex part geometries efficiently and affordably.

Inside our offline batch plating department, we have six vacuum chambers along with five hand spray booths and 2 flow coaters. With our operational flexibility, we can manage small specialty orders as well as high volume production runs of up to 25 million units. We maintain tight control over quality at all stages of production to ensure consistent results which meet the highest standards of excellence.

Our success as a manufacturer is based on a culture of quality and a continual investment in developing the newest technologies and manufacturing processes. We are proud to introduce our Inline Vacuum Metallizers and Coating Lines, featuring industry leading PVD sputtering technology. These two systems represent the cutting edge of inline metallization. With the use of automation these lines have the capability to produce 120 million parts annually without any manual handling from start to finish. It utilizes a process which is inherently efficient, creating minimal scrap rates that far exceed traditional offline batch metallizing processes. This allows our Inline Vacuum Metallizing department to deliver superior cost reductions while maintaining the highest quality standards.


Sputtering Components, Inc.

Sputtering Components (SCI) is a leading provider of Rotary Sputtering Cathodes and related components. SCI cathodes offer a highly reliable and user friendly design, the highest power rating available, and are the most affordable to buy and own. SCI can provide the components or turnkey solutions to meet your requirements.


Sumitomo (SHI) Cryogenics of America

In February 2002, the Cryogenics Division of Sumitomo Heavy Industries acquired APD Cryogenics forming SHI Cryogenics Group. SHI Cryogenics Group is a world class manufacturer of cryopumps. Our cryopumps are the market leader in the vacuum coating industry. Our Marathon® CP cryopumps are available in a variety of sizes and configurations, each of which is ideally designed to handle the diverse and demanding requirements for a broad field of vacuum and deposition technologies. The pumping performance of the Marathon CP Cryopumps is unsurpassed in the marketplace. Our industry-leading crossover pressure and pumping speeds enable the user to achieve base pressure in the fastest time. SHI Cryogenics Group’s products can significantly reduce costs, improve cycle times and boost productivity for your optical coating application. For OEM customers, our strength lies in our ability to support our customer base through a worldwide sales and service center network. For more information, visit our website at www.shicryogenics.com.


Super Conductor Materials, Inc.

Since 1987, Super Conductor Materials, Inc. [SCM] has been a leader in the manufacturing of Thin Film and PVD materials. SCM specializes in producing Sputtering Targets, Evaporation Material, Crucible Liners, E-Beam Gun Replacement Parts, Ion Implantor Source Replacement Parts, and a variety of Backing plates. We also provide multiple Bonding and Refining services.

For over 30 years, SCM has successfully manufactured Hi-Tech Thin Film materials and components that are used in the production of Semiconductors, Solar Materials, Electronic Instruments and Optical Instruments. SCM provides a complete CNC machine shop that allows them to offer various on-site services, such as, Hot Press, Vacuum Hot Press and Vacuum Melting services. In addition, SCM offers the Reclaiming of many materials.

Coupled with our reassurance policies, SCM continuously strives to increase production of high quality products specified to our customer's needs.

Our Customer Service team and Engineers have over a combined 50 years of experience and will work with you to provide the highest quality of customer care and production that all our customers have received for 32 years.

Contact us as sales@scm-inc.com.


Synergy Systems Corp.

SynSysCo is the manufacturer of Omni™ Helium Compressors which integrate Sumitomo Cryopumps with other cryopump systems to provide OEM and End User new possibilities in system performance, value and support. Omni™ Helium Compressors are excellent replacement units for legacy helium compressors in coating, 200mm Semiconductor and a variety of other Industrial and R&D applications.

In addition to its line of Omni™ Compressors and SDS dry industrial screw pumps, SynSysCo is also the North American Distributor for Sumitomo Marathon™ Cryopumps and Compressors, and Anest Iwata dry scroll pumps and dry air compressors, and a US Distributor for Kashiyama Dry Pumps and for Scroll Labs Miniature Dry Scroll pumps. We service and support all the products we sell from our facilities in Montrose, Colorado.


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Telemark is a privately held, California corporation with a focus on providing value and service to our customers. We are a leading supplier of components for evaporation systems, including water vapor cryotraps, electron beam guns, E-beam power supplies, optical monitors, and other related accessories. The E-beam products were developed in 1986 and transferred to the current ownership in 1990. Telemark’s products include the widest available range of E-beam sources, including a new 15-kW rotary hearth source with crucibles to 6 x 100 cc, 12 x 40 cc, or a 1486 trough. A choice of switching or tetrode-tube regulated supplies ranging from 3 kW to 15 kW is offered. The TVP series water vapor cryotraps provide high-speed in-chamber water vapor trapping, as well as heat removal up to 3.5 kW. Instrumentation offered includes quartz crystal deposition controllers, a unique and affordable in situ optical spectrophotometer that provides optical thickness, physical thickness, and color measurement capability, as well as plasma diagnostics/endpoint.


Toray Plastics (America), Inc.

Toray Plastics (America), Inc. (TPA), located in North Kingston, RI, is an affiliate of Toray Industries, Inc., the world’s leading manufacturer of synthetic fibers and textiles. With over 200 subsidiaries in 19 countries around the world, Toray Industries generates close to U.S. $10 billion in sales worldwide, and offers a vast array of innovative products from textiles to biotechnology, medicine to specialty fibers, and plastics to microelectronics. Within Toray Industries, TPA has grown into one of the world’s leading developers of oriented polypropylene (OPP) and polyester (PET) film products and technology. Used in everything from food packaging and capacitors to a broad range of solar control and graphic media, our products have global impact and unlimited potential. TPA’s way of innovative thinking is appreciated through numerous awards from companies and societies like the American Institute of Baking (AIB), Association of Industrial Metallizers, Coating and Laminators (AIMCAL), Flexible Packaging Association (FPA), Frito Lay, and DuPont. TPA’s metallized capacitor film is awarded for its outstanding quality, which reflects the high standards applied to all of Toray’s products. TPA was the first to add large-scale, in-house metallization, and with four wide web metallizers (including the world’s largest system with 4-m web width) has the largest metallizing capacity in North America. Toray Plastics (America), Inc., creates a world of possibilities when it comes to satisfy your needs in OPP and PET films.


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TRUMPF Huettinger Electronic, Inc.

TRUMPF HUETTINGER Electronics and their parent company, HUETTINGER Elektronik GmbH & Co KG, are manufacturers of power supplies and generators for a variety of plasma sputtering, vacuum coating and induction heating applications. The Company's products cover the frequency range from DC to 13.56 MHz with output powers up to 500kW. Of particular interest to vacuum coaters is the Company's line of DC and medium frequency power supplies for magnetron sputtering. With outputs of up to 250kW, these products provide a very cost effective means of coating large surface areas with insulating thin films by reactive sputtering. The Company's World Headquarters are located in Freiburg, Germany. This facility houses all major functional departments including research and development, engineering, production, sales and service. TRUMPF HUETTINGER Electronic, Inc., located in Farmington, Connecticut, is the Company's US headquarters and provides sales, service and applications support for all of North America. Throughout the world, TRUMPF HUETTINGER maintains a network of sales and service facilities to provide customers with support wherever equipment may be purchased or installed. TRUMPF HUETTINGER is a part of the TRUMPF Group, a group of international companies manufacturing medical equipment, electronics, laser machine tools, flexible manufacturing cells and related products. In 2006, TRUMPF had over 6400 employees world wide and reported gross sales of US$ 2 billion.


UC Components, Inc.

UC Components Inc. manufactures fasteners and value-added Viton® seals for vacuum and other critical applications. Established in 1974, UC Components has been serving the semiconductor, memory, R&D, biomedical, aerospace, defense, and energy industries with exceptional quality and service for over 40 years.

Home of RediVac® Vented, Non-Vented, Coated, Plated, Electro-Polished, and Vacuum Baked Fasteners and RediVac® Cleaned and Vacuum Baked O-Rings for vacuum applications, pump-down speed and performance are the primary benefits of our product portfolio.

The RediVac® family of products significantly improve high vacuum system performance through the elimination of virtual leaks, reduced contamination and out-gassing, resulting in improved pump- down times.

Stocking stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, and nickel alloys with a variety of coatings and platings including WS2, MoS2, Ag, and Ni, in both Metric and Inch standards, UC Components has the right fastener for your critical application needs.

The RediVac® Cleaned and/or Vacuum Baked O-ring line is the industry's most cost effective method for improved fluorocarbon seal performance with regard to water content. Reduce the outgassing and surface particulate and watch your system pump-down in record time. The RediVac® O-ring & Seal lines are available both precision cleaned and vacuum baked in metric, inch, and custom sizes.

Contact UC Components for your own RediVac© Fastener & O-Ring catalog or visit us on-line at www.uccomponents.com. All major credit cards accepted for on-line ordering!


VacuCoat Technologies, Inc.

VacuCoat’s founders and management team come from the Vacumet family of companies (i.e., Vacumet Finishing, Richcraft Designs, and Richcraft Industries). Specializing in the vacuum metallizing of plastic components, VacuCoat is developing a series of unique processes to increase quality and reduce costs. Areas of specialization include vacuum metallizing of functional and decorative finishes, in-chamber topcoat, flow and spray coatings, and prototype and production volume capabilities.


Vacuum Engineering & Materials Co., Inc.

Vacuum Engineering & Materials Co., Inc. is your “Full-Service Manufacturer and Supplier” of High-Purity PVD Materials for all your Thin-Film needs. Key products are sputtering targets and evaporation materials — for Semiconductor, Photovoltaic, III-V Technology, Defense, Precision Optics, Lasers, Microwave, and industrial applications. Other products and services include backing plates, precious metals reclaim, crucible liners and in-house target bonding. Please visit our website at www.vem-co.com or contact us at info@vem-co.com. ISO 9001: 2008 Registered


Vacuum Technology & Coating

VT&C is the only monthly magazine in the world devoted exclusively to vacuum technology and processing. VT&C spans virtually every industry and every product group in the modern world of technology. Some of the industries included are automotive, space and aviation, semiconductor, architectural glass, decorative coatings, data storage, medical, lighting, home entertainment, optics and fiber optics, telecommunications and military.

The magazine is a blend of a high tech scientific journal and a down-to-earth practical trade magazine for the engineering and scientific community. Reaching around 30,000 subscribers for the print magazine and over 100,000 digitally, VT&C penetrates 3,100 industrial facilities which use vacuum technology in their work, as well as every major national laboratory, government laboratory, and university faculty group.


VAT, Inc.

"VAT - More than Vacuum Valves"

Over the past fifty years VAT developed a reputation as a worldwide leader in vacuum valve technology.

In addition to vacuum valves, VAT also offers forward integrated modules, custom engineered edge welded bellows solutions and VAT Global Services for repair, upgrades and spare parts programs.

VAT's custom engineered integrated module solutions simplify our customers system and supply chain. VAT modules integrate valves, pumping lines and other components to reduce footprint, reduce sealing lines and optimize performance. All VAT modules arrive at our customers tested and ready for installation.

VAT offers custom engineered edge welded bellows solutions. VAT Bellows adhere to the highest quality and cleanliness standards of the most demanding applications. Our highly automated bellows stamping and welding processes ensure stable production and ramp readiness.

is your customer support solution provider for all Valve applications. VAT Global Services offers repair, upgrades and spare parts programs designed to improve system up time and productivity. With locations throughout the world VAT Global Services is available for you 24/7.

VAT's global team is comprised of application and design engineers, service technicians and customer-oriented support teams who offer comprehensive assistance and advice that address specific customer needs from concept-to-finish and everywhere in between.

For more information please visit www.vatvalve.com.


Vergason Technology, Inc.

Vergason Technology, Inc. (VTI) is an industry leader in vacuum coating systems, services, and processes. Specializing in Sputtering, Thermal Evaporation and Cathodic Arc (CatArc®) technology, VTI not only designs and builds industrial-class PVD equipment, we also operate a full service toll coating center, offering performance and decorative thin films on plastic, metal, and glass substrates.

VTI has developed many innovative coatings including SuperChrome PVD Coating, a safe alternative for traditional chrome plating. With the look and feel of chrome, SuperChrome does not contain the harmful, hexavalent (Cr +6) compounds. In addition, SuperChrome does not require a top coat to interfere with the chrome finish. Not only does it look great, it has passed many of the rigorous automotive tests, including over 133 hours of the grueling Russian Mud test.

NexSteel is a very popular decorative coating utilizing a thin layer of sputtering stainless steel over a textured molded part, to resemble brushed stainless steel.

BlackCat Tactical Coating, is a permanently bonded PVD thin film coating designed for applications requiring a tough, non-reflective, durable black coating, offering optimal wear resistance and lubricity.

VTI's Vacuum Metallizing Equipment incorporates our patented CatArc® cathodic arc and Press-Side® technologies, today's industry standard.

Metallizing customers include automotive, lighting, display and EMI/RFI shielding applications. VTI wear coating services are utilized for tool, blade, punches and many medical applications.

Headquartered in the Finger Lakes Region of New York, we have US sales offices in Minnesota, Texas and international partners in Europe, Mexico, Brazil, Taiwan, China and India.

For more information, visit our website: www.vergason.com


Viavi Solutions

Viavi Solutions Optical Security and Performance Products (OSP) business segment (NASDAQ - VIAV), is the world's leading manufacturer of optical thin film coatings and components used to manage light. Viavi’s OSP business segment is a charter member of SVC. The OSP segment produces products that control and enhance light by altering its various wavelengths to achieve specific effects such as reflection, refraction, absorption, and transmission. OSP produces optical filters and optical coatings for a broad range of applications in the consumer electronics, automotive, government and healthcare markets. OSP also designs and manufactures thin film coatings on flexible substrates using high vacuum roll-to-roll processes. OSP supplies a wide range of high-performance optical products, including thin films for use in energy-conserving window films, pigments for use in anti-counterfeiting applications, technology for brand security, and light interference pigments and diffractive pigments for commercial applications.



Based on its core competencies, plasma and electron beam technologies, the VON ARDENNE group is a leading manufacturer of vacuum processing equipment with strong emphasis on customized solutions. VON ARDENNE develops, manufactures, and sells equipment worldwide for large area coatings using high-rate magnetron sputtering and EB evaporation. Key components are dual magnetrons for the high-rate deposition of dielectrics, VON ARDENNE type high-power EB guns, and unique components for on-line process control.


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