SVC Service with Distinction Award Program

The following individuals have been selected by the SVC Awards Committee to receive the SVC Service with Distinction Award in recognition of the unique and outstanding service to the Society.

2018 Service with Distinction Award Recipients

Jacque Matanis

Society of Vacuum Coaters, Albuquerque, NM

For providing the energy, expertise, tribal knowledge, determination and patience to ensure the ongoing success of the SVC.

Over the last two years the SVC has executed two management organization changes. These transitions, in particular the most recent transition from ASMI to self-management simply could not have been accomplished without the energy, expertise, tribal knowledge, determination, and patience of Jacque Matanis. Through Jacque’s command of SVC operations (Jacque started with the SVC in 1989), her relationships with key stakeholders (in particular the SVC Exhibitors and advertisers), and her patience with the new management team, Jacque has played an instrumental role in the establishment of SVC 2.0.

A brief chronology of Jacque’s accomplishments and expanding role within the SVC includes:

  • 1989 ---Just after the 1989 SVC Technical Conference in St Louis, Jacque was approached by the SVC’s management company to handle the bookkeeping for the Society
  • 1990 ---Because the financial duties were so entwined with the Technical Conference, Jacque was asked to handle the on-site registration for the Technical Conference in New Orleans.
  • Over time Jacque’s job responsibilities have increased to include but not limited to the following:
    • Conference, Exhibit & Educational Program Registration (Pre-conference & Onsite).
    • Securing advertisements & working on layouts for all SVC digital and print publications.
    • Working closely with the Exhibit committee and exhibitors, maintaining the point system, securing advertisement $’s, working directly with decorating company regarding exhibit layouts, soliciting and securing sponsorships for various functions, handling of booth assignments.
    • Working directly with the Society’s accountants regarding preparation of tax returns, financial disclosures and providing information regarding the Society’s operations.
  • Since its formation, Jacque has worked with the SVC Foundation preparing financials, soliciting donations and working directly with students in the scholarship program.
  • Since her first Technical Conference in 1990 (New Orleans), Jacque has served as the SVC’s principal point of contact at the last twenty-eight (28) SVC Conferences.
  • She takes great pride in handling the pre & onsite registration process of the SVC conference as well as working with the Exhibit & exhibitors.

In recognition of Jacque’s enhanced role within the SVC, Jacque was awarded the title “SVC Financial Administrator” in May of 2017. While this title may reflect a broad view of her official duties it does not do justice to her role as the “glue” that held the SVC together through its’ most difficult moments. It is with great pleasure that the SVC Board of Directors and Award Committee present Jacque Matanis with the first Service with Distinction Award.

Congratulations Jacque!

Below are the past Service with Distinction Award Recipients

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