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50 Years of Vacuum Coating Technology and the Growth of the Society of Vacuum Coaters - Soft Cover Edition
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  Edited by Donald M. Mattox and Vivienne Harwood Mattox
Society of Vacuum Coaters, 2007   ISBN 978-1-878068-27-9

Additional Information and Table of Contents

This book is divided into three sections:

Section I is devoted to Developments in Vacuum Coating Technology and its Applications. It covers the technical and engineering developments of a wide range of types of vacuum coating. The equipment associated with the deposition of the coatings is also addressed. Section II tells the story of the Growth of the Society of Vacuum Coaters and addresses the history, operation, and governance of the Society as it has evolved over the past 50 years. Section III covers the SVC Foundation that was founded in 2002.

The 21 chapters in Section I cover the following topics:

  1. The History of Optical Coatings
  2. Decorative Coatings
  3. History of Vacuum Roll Coating
  4. History of Large Area Coatings
  5. Vacuum Coating Technology and Optical Storage Media
  6. PVD Processes for Depositing Hard Tribological Coatings
  7. Review of Transparent Conductive Oxides (TCO)
  8. Large Area Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition
  9. Advances in Optical Coatings Stimulated by the Development of Deposition Techniques and the Control of Ion Bombardment
  10. Smart Materials - Dynamically Switchable Windows and Displays
  11. High-Reflection Coatings
  12. 50 Years of Subatmospheric and Vacuum Technology for Vacuum Coating
  13. An Overview of Plasma Processes
  14. Electron Beam Evaporation
  15. Sputtering Sources
  16. A Brief Modern History of Cathodic Arc Coating
  17. Power Supplies for Vacuum Coating
  18. A Brief History of the Thermal Mass Flow Meter and Controller
  19. Atmospheric Plamsa Technology for Coating
  20. Bombardment Effects on Adhesion and Film Growth
  21. Surface Preparation for Vacuum Surfaces and Vacuum Coating