2017 Corporate Sponsors

SVC acknowledges the support of the SVC Corporate Sponsors. The corporate profile of sponsors can be accessed by clicking on company name.

3M Company
Representative: Darren Castro
651/737-9171 Fax: 651/733-3304
E-mail: dtcastro@mmm.com

Advanced Energy Industries, Inc.
Representative: Carol Anderson-Reinhardt
970/407-6894 Fax: 970/407-6894
E-mail: carol.anderson-reinhardt@aei.com

Agilent Technologies, Vacuum Products Division
Representative: Steve Palmer
E-mail: steve.palmer@agilent.com

Anderson Dahlen, Inc
Representative: Perry Henderson
E-mail: phenderson@andersondahlen.com

Angstrom Sciences, Inc.
Representative: Mark A. Bernick
412/469-8466  Fax: 412/469-8511
E-mail: mbernick@angstromsciences.com

ARi Industries, Inc
Representative: Robert Weber
630/953-9100 Fax: 630/953-0590
E-mail: rweber@ariindustries.com

BOBST Manchester Limited
Representative: Lee Roberts
44/1706 363 609 Fax: 44/780 864-2797
E-mail: lee.roberts@bobst.com

Brooks Automation, Inc.
Representative:  Barbara Culhane
978/262-2816  Fax: 978/262-2510
E-mail: barbara.culhane@brooks.com

Buhler Inc.
Business Area Leybold Optics

Representative: Phil Hatchett
919-657-7100 Fax: 919/657-7107
E-mail: phil.hatchett@buhlergroup.com

Darly Custom Technology, Inc.
Representative: Yimou Yang
860/243-5518 Fax: 860/286-0162
E-mail: yang@darlytech.com

Denton Vacuum, LLC
Representative: Colin Quinn
E-mail: cquinn@dentonvacuum.com

Representative: Thomas Foley
781/740-8600 Fax: 781/740-9996
E-mail: tfoley@dynavac.com

Eastman Chemical Company
Representative: Chris Stoessel
E-mail: cstoessel@eastman.com

EBARA Technologies, Inc.
Representative: John Makin
916/561-4844 Fax: 916/925-6654
E-mail: jmakin@ebaratech.com

Representative: Dave Sobiegray
716/773-7552 Fax: 716/733-3864
E-mail: dave.sobiegray@edwardsvacuum.com

Ferrotec (USA) Corporation
Representative: Tom McKee
E-mail: mckeet@ferrotec.com

Fil-Tech, Inc.
Representative: G. Paul Becker
617/227-1133 Fax: 617/742-0686
E-mail: paul@filtech.com

General Plasma, Inc.
Representative: John Madocks
520/882-5100 Fax: 520/882-5165
Email: sales@generalplasma.com

GfE Metalle und Materialien GmbH
Representative: Astrid Borkowski
49/911 931 5424 Fax: 49/911 931 514 24
E-mail: astrid.borkowski@gfe.com

Goodfellow Corporation
Representative: Stephen Aldersley
800/821-2870 Fax: 800/283-2020
E-mail: aldersley@goodfellow.com

Hauzer Techno Coating - IHI Group
Representative: Roel Tietema
31/773 559 741 Fax: 31/773 969 798
E-mail: rtietema@hauzer.nl

Heraeus Materials Technology
Representative: David Fuller
E-mail: dave.fuller@heraeus.com

Indium Corporation
Representative: Colleen Bierstine
E-mail: cbierstine@indium.com

Representative: Steven Schill
315/434-1219 Fax: 314/434-1273
E-mail: steven.schill@inficon.com

Intellivation, LLC
Representative: Mike Simmons
970/692-2335 Fax: 888/800-9561
E-mail: msimmons@intelli-vation.com

Intlvac Thin Film
Representative: Dino Deligiannis
905/873-0166 Fax: 905/873-0168
E-mail: Dino@intlvac.com

Ionbond - IHI Group
Representative: Ton Hurkmans
248/219-1160  Fax: 248/398-2110
E-mail: ton.hurkmans@ionbond.com

Kurt J. Lesker Company
Representative: Dennis Sollon
412/337-9200 Fax: 412/384-7563
E-mail: denniss@lesker.com

Materials Science, Inc.
Representative: John R. Miller
858/483-3223 Fax: 858/483-3223
E-mail: jmiller@msi-pse.com

Materials Science International, Inc.
Representative: Neil Crabbe
614/870-0400 Fax: 614/878-6000
E-mail: sales@msitarget.com

Materion Corporation
Representative: Jo-Anna Moscati
E-mail: jo-anna.moscati@materion.com

MDC Vacuum Products, LLC
Representative: Cameron Murri
510-305-3504 Fax: 510-887-0626
E-mail: cmurri@mdcvacuum.com

Midwest Tungsten Service, Inc.
Representative: Kevin Anetsberger
630/325-1001  Fax: 630/325-3571
E-mail: kevin@tungsten.com

MKS Instruments, Inc.
Representative: Mary Ann Naddy
978/645-5500 Fax: 978/557-5100
E-mail: maryann_naddy@mksinst.com

Mustang Vacuum System LLC
Representative: Richard Greenwell
941/377-1440 Fax: 941/377-1499
E-mail: rgreenwell@mustangvac.com

Nor-Cal Products, Inc.
Representative: Lisa Campbell
530/842-4457 Fax: 530/643-1617
Email: lisacampbell@n-c.com

Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum
Representative: Armin Hestermann
49/221 347 1721 Fax: 49/221 347 31721
E-mail: armin.hestermann@oerlikon.com

Representative: Mike Birdsell
E-mail: sales@optiforms.com

Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology
Representative: Frazer Anderson
44/1936 837 060 Fax: 44/1936 837 001
E-mail: Frazer.Anderson@oxinst.com

Pfeiffer Vacuum, Inc.
Representative: Julie Giambartolomei
E-mail: jgiambartolomei@pfeiffer-vacuum.com

Plasmaterials, Inc.
Representative: Dale Postin
925/447-4030 Fax: 925/447-4031
E-mail: dale@plasmaterials.com

Process Materials, Inc.
Representative: Barry Nudelman
925/245-9626 Fax: 925/245-9629
E-mail: bnudelman@processmaterials.com

Providence Metallizing Company, Inc.
Representative: Richard Sugerman
401/722-5300 Fax: 401/724-3410
E-mail: provmet@aol.com

PVT Plasma und Vakuum Technik GmbH

Representative: Herbert Gabriel
49/625 1856 560 Fax: 49/625 1856 56
E-mail: h.gabriel@pvtvacuum.de

R. D. Mathis Company
Representative: Robert Lumley
562/426-7049 Fax: 562/595-0907
E-mail: rlumley@rdmathis.com

Representative: Steven R. Barber
856/875-2121 Fax: 856/875-2119
E-mail: rfvii@yahoo.com

Reliable Silver Corporation
Representative: Arlo Ellison
203/574-7732 Fax: 203/574-7742
E-mail: arlo@reliablesilver.com

Solayer GmbH
Representative: Kamel Ferdi
Phone: 49/352 0426 9900 Fax: 49/352 0426 9909
E-mail: kamel.ferdi@solayer.com

Soleras Advanced Coatings
Representative: Jeff Edel
216/225 2671
E-mail: jeff.edel@soleras.com

Sputtering Components, Inc.
Representative: Barry Nudelman
925/245-9626 Fax: 925/245-9629
E-mail: bnudelman@processmaterials.com

Sumitomo (SHI) Cryogenics of America
Representative: Sarah J. Mitchell
610/791-6700 Fax: 610/791-0440
E-mail: smitchell@shicryogenics.com

Representative: Gary Henderson
360/723-5360 Fax: 360/723-5368
E-mail: garyh@telemark.com

Thermionics Vacuum Products
Representative: Mark Trujillo
510/538-3304 Fax: 510/538-2889
E-mail: mark@thermionicscorp.com

Thin Film Center, Inc.
Representative: Christopher Clark
520/322-6171 Fax: 520/325-8721
E-mail: chris@thinfilmcenter.com

Toray Plastics (America), Inc.
Representative: Chris Curry
401/294-4511 Fax: 401/294-1099
E-mail: chris.curry@toraytpa.com

TRUMPF Huettinger Electronic, Inc.
Representative: Don Haislet
E-mail: donald.haislet@us.trumpf.com

UC Components, Inc.
Representative: Rick Anderson
408/782-1929 Fax: 408/782-7995
E-mail: rick@uccomponents.com

Representative: Evan Sohm
978/686-7550 Fax: 978/689-6300
E-mail: esohm@us.ulvac.com

Umicore Thin Film Products
Representative: Mishra Prakash
E-mail: prakashi.mishra@umicore.com

VacuCoat Technologies, Inc.
Representative: Martin Goldsberry
586/791-1117 Fax: 586/791-2143
E-mail: mgoldsberry@vacucoat.com

Vacuum Engineering & Materials Co., Inc.
Representative: Jon Meyers
408-871-9900 Fax: 408-562-9125
E-mail: jmyers@vem-co.com

Vacuum Process Technology LLC
Representative: Ralf T. Faber
508/732-7200 Fax: 508/732-0317
E-mail: rfaber@vptec.com

Vacuum Technology & Coating
Representative: Richard Cowan
203/454-5678 Fax: 203/454-5810
E-mail: vtcmag@vtcmag.com

VAT, Inc.
Representative: Tom Murphy
781/537-5410 Fax: 781/935-3940
E-mail: tmurphy@vat.com

Vergason Technology, Inc.
Representative: Gary E. Vergason
607/589-4429 Fax: 607/589-6955
E-mail: gvergason@vergason.com

Viavi Solutions
Representative: Robert Sargent
E-mail: robert.sargent@viavisolutions.com

Representative: Harald Hagenstroem
49/3512637382 Fax: 49/351 2637307
E-mail: hagenstroem.harald@vonardenne.biz



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